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Jennika #3
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Jennika #3

Writers: Brahm Revel (Main story), Ronda Pattison (Backup)
Artists: Brahm Revel (Main), Jodi Nishijima (Backup)
Colorists: Brahm Revel Main), Ronda Pattison (Backup)
Letterer: Shawn Lee
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Release Date: June 24, 2020

Jennika is running with her old criminal crew. They are hunting down a possible cure for their mutations. But is it time for Jennika to accept her new form? Old habits die hard, and Jennika finds out her “friends” again don’t have her best interest at heart.


“The Cure for You Part 3” Jennika #3

Brahm Revel‘s three-part mini-series wraps up in Jennika #3. Jennika has hooked up with her old criminal crew, who were also all transformed when Old Hob’s mutagen bomb went off. They are not excited about being mutants and are investigating rumors about a possible cure. In Jennika #3 they find the whereabouts of this “cure”. As Jennika comes close to possibly being normal again, she has to do some soul-searching. She finds out that her old friends’ appearances may have changed, but their morals have remained the same.

TMNT Jennika #3 (IDW Publishing) cover by Brahm Revel
Jennika #3 (IDW Publishing) cover by Brahm Revel

Jennika #3 also features a short story titled “What If”, written by Ronda Pattison with art by Jodi Nishijima. We follow Jennika as she dreams of “What If” she had been a sibling/Turtle all along.


So, I forgot Jennika #3 was the final issue of this mini-series. In my defense, a third issue is a weird one to end on. So, like halfway through this issue, I was a bit perplexed, trying to figure how it was going to end and leave us hanging for what I thought would be the 4th and final issue. As I kept reading, I realized, “oh, this is it”, and then the end!

It wasn’t a bad ending. It did feel a little rushed, though. I am not sure if that is more me, or an issue flaw in itself. But Jennika #3 did feel, for me, like it wrapped up pretty fast. Revel kind of gave us the ending I was expecting. No shockers here, really. I feel like this mini-series was a bit of a double-edged sword. The ending, we kind of all knew, so nothing really exciting there, but the story is a story we needed for the character Jennika. She really needed her own space to fully express what she was feeling since being transformed.

I think the character Revel does the best with is her ex-boyfriend, Sy. He does some interesting character work with him and reminds us that everybody isn’t a “mutant ninja turtle”

The back-up story by Ronda Pattison is excellent in this issue. We travel along as Jennika dreams of what life would have been like if she was an actual sibling to the group all along. It is a fun look back as Jennika inserts herself into storylines and what might have happened with her in the picture. It is also a good character reflection for herself.


Brahm Revel once again provides all the art for the main story in Jennika #3. He has a wonderful, kinetic visual style. I am of a fan of his more “sketchy”, rough type styling. It has a very unique feel and tone to it. I love the one gang member that Revel makes look like a half-vampire type Dracula character. That design will never get old. I still just can’t get into how he makes all the Turtle characters’ heads perfectly round; it always throws me off. I am not too huge on the coloring work. When the background is all the same color, it just seems a little off at times.

There is a great “chase” scene in Jennika #3 and Revel excels at putting the reader in the chaotic mix of things. As the characters fight, run, jump, and dash their way through, Revel puts you right in the middle of everything. Great scene structure, angles, and layouts that bring you into the action.

Jodi Nishijima returns to art duties (with Ronda Pattison on colors) for the short story in Jennika #3. I mentioned in my review of Jennika #1 that I would like to see more from her. Well, she gets a little more to do in the short story and we get a bit more “feel” for her style. I like the detailed character work as we go through the old storylines of the Turtles. She puts a lot of nice details into them. They do feel a bit too much like the “big” bulky characters from the recent movies, which is a bit of a turn-off for me. I would like to see what she does with more than four pages.


Jennika #3 wraps up this three-issue mini-series. While the ending is no shocker, Brahm Revel did deliver a story we needed about Jennika. She needed her own space to delve into her head. A lot has happened to her, so this mini-series was desperately needed to flesh out her “new” self a bit more. The back-up stories also helped flesh out her character more, as well. While nothing happens that you won’t expect, it was good to finally set her character on solid ground and now to move forward, with this behind us.

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