Review – Jennika II #1 (IDW Publishing)

Jennika II #1 (IDW Publishing) cover A (detail) by Brahm Revel.
  • Writing - 8.5/10
  • Art - 8.8/10
  • Overall - 8.7/10

Jennika II #1

Writer: Brahm Revel
Artist: Brahm Revel
Letterer: Brahm Revel
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Release Date: November 4, 2020

Giant Monsters are rampaging across Mutant Town. If the media finds out, they will certainly use it against them. It is up to Jennika to solve what is happening in Mutant Town.

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“All Monsters Attack” Jennika II #1

With the popularity of Jennika’s first mini-series, the newest Ninja Turtle is back in an all-new mini-series. This time spanning six issues, starting with Jennika II #1 “Monsters”, Brahm Revel brings his wild kinetic style back to Jennika to deliver another thrilling adventure.

Jennika II #1 (IDW Publishing) cover B by Kevin Eastman
Jennika II #1 (IDW Publishing) cover B by Kevin Eastman

Tension is running high in Mutant Town and outside of its walls. It seems no one knows what to do. People fear change and the unknown, and Mutant Town heightens that times a thousand to the people trying to understand what has happened outside its walls. Inside Mutant Town, the people continue to try to adapt to their new selves. But now something else is happening: giant monsters are rampaging around Mutant Town. Not exactly the good press the citizens need. It is up to Jennika to figure out what is going on and to put a stop to it in Jennika II #1.


So, I liked and enjoyed the first Jennika mini-series and think it helped flesh out her character a ton. But I also wasn’t really chomping at the bit for another Jennika mini-series. But with Brahm Revel, and this being TMNT, it is not like I am not going to check out Jennika II #1

Revel basically picks up where he left off in the previous mini. Jennika is out patrolling by herself and trying to protect Mutant Town’s citizens. I like that Revel starts to tease outside confrontation from Mutant Town. We get a look into what people around New York City are thinking and it helps build tons of tension for the story.

I also continue to enjoy Revel’s characterization of Jennika. I think he has done the best job of getting into her head and actually making her a complete individual. Jennika II #1 is also a great start to the six-issue mini-series. It is fun and exciting. It builds a mystery while also telling an enjoyable story.

The only thing is, I am not sure about whether the story can carry for six issues. I mean, obviously that is speculation right now and something that can’t be answered until issue #6, but I am leery that the story can hold on for five more issues. But I hope it stays as strong as this first issue.


If you read my other reviews of Brahm Revel’s work you know I am a big fan of his style. Delightful scratchy line work, but with some exquisite detail as well. He has a wonderful kinetic visual style and does the “ninja” action sequences extremely well. All of that continues to shine in Jennika II #1.

He also does some splendid character acting and facial expressions. He does a fantastic job of visual storytelling from his character acting and visual displays of emotions. I am still not a big fan of the rounded heads he puts on the TMNT crew, but it is not a deal-breaker.

I think the thing that stands out and makes Jennika II #1 some of his best work is the coloring he does in this issue. It is absolutely perfect! In the previous mini-series he made a lot of the background all the same color, and it hindered the book, in my view. In this issue, the colors just pop off the pages. They are not bright or anything, it just works with his art much better. He does, at times, paint the background in the same color, but he works it with the story better, using it sparingly and just coloring everything else “normal” colors.


I was not really excited about another Jennika mini-series, but Jennika II #1 has turned that around. The story is exciting and fun and builds up a new mystery for Jennika to solve. While I do not know if it will hold up for five more issues, it is off to a great start. It also doesn’t hurt that this features some of the best Brahm Revel artwork to date. I always dig his style, but his coloring work brings it to a new level. If you liked the last Jennika mini then you will love this; if you were not too keen on it and a little on the fence with this new one, I can definitely recommend you check it out.

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