Review – Jennika II #2 (IDW Publishing)

  • Writing - 8.6/10
  • Art - 8.8/10
  • Overall - 8.7/10

Jennika II #2

Writer: Brahm Revel
Artist: Brahm Revel
Letterer: Brahm Revel
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Release Date: December 2, 2020

Jennika and Ivan go deep into Mutant Town’s sewers to figure out what is turning the population into giant mindless monsters, and the truth is stranger than fiction!

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“Deeper Underground” Jennika II #2

Jennika’s second solo outing/mini-series, aptly titled “Monsters”, is off to a hot start and things get strange in Jennika II #2. Brahm Revel, who does it all (literally—writes, draws, colors, and letters), has Jennika teaming up with her old flame, friend and enemy Ivan, whom you will remember from the previous mini-series. Well, they didn’t exactly leave on great terms, but the two have to team up to save Mutant Town. It seems something is turning citizens into giant, mindless monster versions of themselves. They are wreaking havoc across town; Jennika must find out why before the outside media paints Mutant Town in an even more horrendous light. What Jennika and Ivan start to unravel deep beneath Mutant Town will shock them in Jennika II #2


Jennika II #2 (IDW Publishing) cover by Brahm Revel
Jennika II #2 (IDW Publishing) cover by Brahm Revel

Again, much like my review of the first issue, I continue to be impressed with Brahm Revel‘s writing in this second outing for Jennika. It seems he has hit a sweet spot with this character, and this issue was a fantastic read. Jennika II #2 has some wonderful action elements at the start. It is super fast-paced and a wild ride. Revel slows it down for the second half of the issue and builds a unique mystery story, and throws in some delightful horror elements as well. 

That tone switch-up in the middle of the issue was fantastic. Previously I stated the issue starts fast and action-packed. But then there is a turn in the middle that is wonderfully macabre/horror-themed. It is a great tonal shift; it kept me very interested until the last page. Revel is using these extra pages in these issues to his full advantage.

Putting Ivan and Jennika back together is also a wonderful swerve by Revel, with his story. After the first mini, I did not think he would be showing up again. Revel plays the two characters well off of each other. With so much history between the two, Revel makes it a delight to read. Almost like an odd couple team-up type situation.


Brahm Revel’s art also continues to shine in Jennika II #2. There are some exquisite scenes throughout the issue. Fantastic action sequences throughout the first part of the issue. Revel does a superb job of showing motion and movement throughout the pages. You can feel the strain and swiftness of Jennika as she battles to save Mutant Town.

He captures that tonal shift in the story exceptionally well with his art. As the story slows down, Revel brings you in closer to the story with different angles, panel structure, and scene setups. Revel brings the story in for a little more intimate look and that horror vibe leaps off the pages.

Revel’s coloring work in Jennika II #2 continues to impress me. It was my biggest complaint from the first mini-series. But I am loving it in this series. Not exactly sure what changed, but Revel seems to be branching out more. Everything just looks smoother and better to me.


I wasn’t exactly excited for this new Jennika mini-series when it was announced. Now, after Jennika II #2, it is one of the top books I look forward to, month to month. Brahm Revel is building a strong mystery and exciting story within the pages. It is hard to find a creator that can do it all and do it well. Revel is excelling at everything, and I am excited to see what he does in the next issue with Jennika!

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