Review – Jennika II #3 (IDW Publishing)

Jennika II #3 (IDW Publishing) cover (detail) by Brahm Revel
  • Writing - 8.6/10
  • Art - 8.8/10
  • Overall - 8.7/10

Jennika II #3

Writer: Brahm Revel
Artist: Brahm Revel
Letterer: Brahm Revel
Maturity Rating: Teen+
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Release Date: January 20, 2021

Jennika finally finds the source of what is turning Mutants into monsters, but finding it and stopping it are two completely different things.

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“The Great and Powerful” Jennika II #3

Jennika and Ivan have found themselves in a tough spot. They traveled deep under Mutant Town hunting down what exactly is turning its citizens into giant bloodthirsty monsters. They need to get to the bottom of this mystery before the outside media gets ahold of it. Supplies and support for Mutant Town are already low, but if people really think there are “monsters” lurking behind its walls, the town and its citizens may be done for. Jennika and Ivan have heard rumors about what lurks beneath Mutant Town, but those urban legends can’t be true, can they? They will find some truth and fiction and Jennika learns what is truly causing these monstrous outbreaks, but her attempts to solve the problem in Jennika II #3 may just make things a lot worse!


Jennika II #3 (IDW Publishing) cover by Brahm Revel
Jennika II #3 (IDW Publishing) cover by Brahm Revel

Man, I am digging this six-issue mini-series. I think I mention this every time, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the first Jennika mini and this wasn’t even on my radar. But, wow, am I glad I picked it up. With Jennika II #3 Revel turns the story on its head a bit in a nice swerve and a great setup long-term IDW TMNT fans will love!

The dynamic between Jennika and Ivan is fantastic, as well. Revel took a character in Ivan, that I thought would be more of a “one-off” type to never be seen again, into a compelling and interesting character in his own right. The dialogue between the two is superb and just the interaction makes for a wonderful read.

The story itself is great. It flows wonderfully well as Revel weaves an interesting plot. The plot itself takes a big turn in Jennika II #3. It sets up the final two issues perfectly. The “big bad” really is a great setup and something that I did not see coming. Revel also uses the extra pages to his storytelling advantage, letting things “breathe” while also showcasing his art.


In Jennika II #3 Revel gets to show off some with some tremendous artwork. The issue features a giant chase/fight scene with a character that will remain unnamed. It is a glorious few pages as Revel details the fight and chase across the pages. He does such a fantastic job of showing motion and bringing a sense of energy, movement, and just that feeling of urgency to the images. It puts you right into the action and gets your heart racing.

Revel again uses the page count to his advantage with his art, letting that chase and fight scene really play out and not end abruptly to fit the rest of the story in. I can’t express how much these extra pages help with the story. Revel’s character designs are splendid as well. Jennika II #3‘s underground mutants look fantastic.

I continue to believe that Revel’s coloring is a big factor. I am not exactly sure if it has really changed up. But, for me, I feel that he is branching out a bit more, and it helps his art tremendously. Again, I could be totally wrong on that also. But whatever it is, I am enjoying it.


Jennika II #3 is a fantastic middle issue for this six-issue mini-series. It is a delightful change-up that sets up the final two issues perfectly. I can’t help but be excited for the next two issues. Brahm Revel is telling a compelling story through his writing and art. He does it all so well (that includes lettering), which is just amazing all on its own. Revel also tells Jennika’s story well and captures her voice and attitude. This is something I think is missing from the main series. Revel makes her more interesting and captivating than she is in the ongoing TMNT series.

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