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Jessica Jones: Blind Spot #3

Writer: Kelly Thompson
Artist: Mattia De Iulis
Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit
Publisher: Marvel
Maturity Rating: Mature
Release Date: February 12th, 2020 (In Print)

Jessica Jones: Blind Spot #3 continues the miniseries in the most dramatic of fashions. Jess is still on the case—but it seems like she’ll have an ally in the process.


Jessica Jones: Blind Spot #3 Brings a Brilliant Cameo into the Mix

Jessica Jones: Blind Spot #3 is about to bring out the big guns, but it’s not going to be what you’re expecting. In this case, those guns are a person; one who is as foul-mouthed as she is entertaining.

Once again we’re diving into the story of Jessica Jones, and in what seems like an all too familiar pattern for her, she’s been forced to take on a new case. For this case forced itself into her life, and now she has to see it through to the end: in true Jessica fashion.

Jessica Jones: Blind Spot #3 (Marvel Comics) main cover by Valerio Giangiordano
Jessica Jones: Blind Spot #3 (Marvel Comics) main cover by Valerio Giangiordano

Before I dive headfirst into this review, I just want to make a quick note. The entirety of Jessica Jones: Blind Spot has been published once before, but in digital format. Marvel has just decided to release the series in print format, a fact that I happen to find really exciting. So here we are.


Kelly Thompson sure does know how to write sassy and stubborn women, doesn’t she?

This issue just so happens to feature two of them. And their friendship is officially my new headcanon; because, they are awesome together.

Jessica Jones: Blind Spot #3 is the ideal balance of themes. The more intense and rough scenes are balanced out by the sort of humor that only Jessica can bring to the table. It’s a blend that fans of the character know well, but it’s been perfected by Thompson’s sense of humor.

There are some dominant themes rising to the surface in this issue: themes that create valued avenues for discussion. That’s actually not uncommon with Jess’ plots, but it is still very much appreciated. Seeing her (righteous) anger in the face of what is being done… it’s shockingly satisfying.

The mystery is growing larger and larger in this issue, and you just know it’s going to hit explosive levels before it’s done. The bouncing back and forth between two periods of time is enough to make that painfully clear. As well as keeping readers invested in finding out what’ll happen next.


The artwork found within Jessica Jones: Blind Spot #3 is still some of my favorite to date. We’re talking panels and pages full of dynamic scenes, kickass fighting, and sardonic characters. It’s got everything we love from this character, and then added a dash of something extra.

Mattia De Iulis was the lead artist for this project, providing both the lines and the color, so give them the credit that is due here. It’s an impressive feat that they’ve pulled off. The fight scenes are extremely satisfying (and there are a few, I promise). The panels are laid out in a way that perfectly showcases the story. And those colors! I might be in love. The end result is some fantastic artwork worth checking out.

Not to leave anybody out on this discussion, let’s talk about the lettering. VC’s Cory Petit provided the lettering, and they did a brilliant job. While the captions are my personal favorite; I have to admit that the balloons were all flawlessly placed, leading the eye around the scenes.


Jessica Jones: Blind Spot #3 is a highly entertaining read. One that found the balance between anxiety and entertainment, with the end result of a memorable experience.

As a huge fan of Jessica Jones, it’s great seeing her appear once again. Even if it is a reprinting. Here’s hoping that this means they’ll consider giving her series another run, because that news would absolutely make my year.


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