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Jessica Jones: Blind Spot #4

Writer: Kelly Thompson
Artist: Mattia De Iulis
Letterer: VC’S Cory Petit
Publisher: Marvel
Maturity Rating: Mature
Release Date: February 26th, 2020 (print)

Jessica Jones: Blind Spot #4 is a thrilling read, one infused with raw emotions and shocking twists and revelations.


Power and Jealously in Jessica Jones: Blind Spot #4

Jessica Jones: Blind Spot #4 is an issue full of shocking events, twists, and revelations. This is a series that has been unafraid to show the darker sides of being a hero. And it’s going to get darker before the tale is done.

After a series of murders (that are actually so much more complex than that term can give credit to) Jessica Jones is on the case. And our killer has made one major mistake—he’s gone and made it personal.

Jessica Jones: Blind Spot #4 (Marvel Comics) main cover by Valerio Giangiordano
Jessica Jones: Blind Spot #4 (Marvel Comics) main cover by Valerio Giangiordano

Jessica Jones: Blind Spot has already been published once before by Marvel, back in 2019. This is simply the first time the series will be getting published in print format. That being said, the series contains some of the best Jessica Jones plot arcs (that’s coming from a die-hard fan) and thus is worth any extra attention it’s getting.


Jessica Jones: Blind Spot #4 is a study in tension and dramatic reveals. After all, it’s not like Jessica Jones ever ends up dealing with a normal case, right? So naturally, this one is full of challenges, risks, and shocking twists. That being said, Kelly Thompson really isn’t afraid to stomp on the readers’ hearts in order to get a point across. It makes for brilliant writing, and it certainly elicits an emotional reaction. This issue, in particular, did an excellent job with that.

It honestly felt like this issue was revelation on top of revelation. That’s a good thing—Jones is officially diving into this investigation, and that means she’s digging up lots of dirt. Wait, is that an okay statement to use, considering the events going on?

One thing is certain: this issue is an incredibly fast-paced read. It doesn’t have as much comic relief as the third issue (thank you, Elsa Bloodstone), but that is also okay. It wouldn’t have fit in as nicely here. At least Jones’ sass is as shining and bright as ever. That goes a long way in balancing out the emotions in this issue.

Also, this issue totally gets bonus points for Jessica’s monologue, and for calling out the costume situation. It’s amazing, and the hat-tip is very much appreciated.


Jessica Jones: Blind Spot #4 has so many dramatic scenes, courtesy of the twists popping up all over the place. Yet, what really makes this issue shine is the dedication to detail and the portrayal of the human elements within a superhero scenario.

This entire series has made a point of showcasing how Jones thinks, but it really was a point driven home in this issue, possibly because it was infused with more of her sass than normal. Regardless, it felt right at home here.

The other highlight was the amount of emotion and expressions stuffed into the pages. Even when a character had their face covered (remember: heroes like their masks), the amount of raw pain and energy they were giving off was palpable. It was beautiful, and heartbreakingly done.

Mattia De Iulis deserves all of the credit for those heartrending scenes, as well as all of those amazing details hidden all over the place. They should also get credit for the color palette, which is something I’m in love with.

Meanwhile, VC’s Cory Petit was the letterer, and you can tell they had a bit of fun here. Admittedly this entire series has provided some quirky and entertaining lettering moments, but he’s really run with it and made it work.


Jessica Jones: Blind Spot #4 was a dramatic, yet highly entertaining, read. This is one of those issues that upped the ante in every way possible, leaving readers anxious to see what happens next.

I, for one, am very happy that I read the digital series as it released, because I know what’s going to come next. But I’ve also really appreciated the opportunity to read through the series again—I had almost forgotten how much I enjoyed it.

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