Review – Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 12 (Serial Box)

Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 12

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Narrator: Fryda Wolff

Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 12 brings us back to Jessica’s investigation, which has admittedly taken a turn for the worse.


Time for Drastic Measures in Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 12

What started out as a simple missing person case has quickly evolved into something larger than life and infinitely more dangerous. In Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 12, the case is about to continue. At this point, it has gained a life of its own.

Last we saw, Jessica had taken a huge risk in an effort to follow a lead. The risk got her plenty of answers, but also put her in a dangerous situation. One that she’s probably going to have to break out of.

Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire (Serial Box)
Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire (Serial Box)

Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire is the latest Marvel series to hit Serial Box. Every Thursday a new episode drops, providing a reading or audio experience for the fans. Thor and Black Widow also have series available, with Black Panther’s getting ever closer.

Other Times, Other Places

Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 12 is arguably one of the tensest episodes of the series so far—and that’s saying something. Written by Zoe Quinn, this episode is a rush from start to finish, thanks heavily to the situation that Jessica managed to get herself into. Though there is a grim sense of satisfaction alongside all of the answers finally provided. In fact, Marvel fans are probably going to freak at a few (well, mainly one) of the names that are dropped in this episode. I did.

This episode did a delightful job of highlighting the determination that Jessica Jones is famous (or infamous) for. Here she is, in a horrible situation, and she didn’t give up. Despite the temptation, despite the odds. You’ve got to love that.

On that note, is anybody else hoping that some of the secondary characters introduced in this series become permanent? Mainly the one that had the biggest role in this episode? Or is that just me? Regardless, I adore this character and will continue to root to see more of them.

The conclusion of this episode managed to bring about a smile, which is impressive, given everything else going on. Yet, it’s that type of humor perfect for this series—and the character it follows.


Fryda Wolff is still at the helm of narration for Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 12. Wolff really has found a way to bring Jessica’s character to life, while also giving a chance for other characters to shine as well. It’s extremely impressive (and makes the audio experience completely worth it).

This episode is the perfect balance of pure narration and an infusion of sound effects. They knew when the narration needed to take center attention. Yet they also knew when to include sound effects to make a scene more powerful. It worked brilliantly here, with tense scenes that jumbled the nerve and raised our hopes. It’s everything a fan could have hoped for from Jessica Jones, and then some.


Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 12 was a rough and tense episode—in the best ways possible, that is. It showed just how bad things could get for Jessica (and her new accomplice), all while holding onto that slim bit of hope.

Best of all, it really got to show a different side of Jessica. That’s going to make for yet another memorable moment in this series. Keep them coming!


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