Review – Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 8 (Serial Box)

Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 8

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Narrator: Fryda Wolff

Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 8 continues Jessica’s journey to finding out who killed a teenager and why.


The Ante Has Risen in Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 8

The “clear and simple” case that Jessica has taken on continues in Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 8. It is proving to be anything but a quick case, and Jessica has quickly found herself emotionally involved in the resolution.

Last we saw, Jessica had found a few leads on her case. While she’s willing to work them all, really she’s down to only three options left. And one of them is certain to cause her no end of trouble and pain.

Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire (Serial Box)
Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire (Serial Box)

Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire is part of an ongoing series from Serial Box. Every Thursday a new episode drops, allowing fans to keep up with her adventures and investigation. It’s also one of three Marvel series on the site.

My Door Is Always Open (Now)

The journey that Jessica has been on thus far has been full of twists and turns. Clearly, this is not the easy case she promised her therapist it would be. Still, it has proven to be highly entertaining for her fans. Plus, it really is Jess’ luck.

Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 8 was written by Zoe Quinn, and it is an intense read from start to finish. Jessica is working on one of the last leads she has available, and it’s finally paying off for her.

Anybody that knows Jessica Jones knows that this is around the time more trouble comes flying into her face. Don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed here. Jessica’s trials have never been easy, and that has never been more clear.

Along with the heavy-hitting scenes, there’s a lot of subtlety to appreciate within this episode. Subtle reminders of her past (using that iconic purple), concerns for Jess’ mental health, and of course, the overwhelming need to see one kid’s death resolved and the perpetrators caught. Also, major bonus points for portraying the full strength of Jessica (both mentally and physically).


Fryda Wolff narrated Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 8, and she did an excellent job, as per usual, of portraying the beloved character. She’s gritty and full of frustration (and determination). In short, she sounds exactly like the character we know and love.

The fight scene stole the show for this episode. It’s thrilling, and seriously brought to life courtesy of the sound effects. Not just the sound of doors breaking and fists hitting flesh, but this vibration that implies the use of other powers. It’s simple, yet highly effective.

Looking back on it, everything about this scene is perfect. It’s pure Jessica Jones, from the commentary to the way the whole fight plays out. It’s by far one of the best examples of her character, at least so far.


Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire Episode 8 is a thrilling episode, one that is full of action and sass. It’s exactly the sort of scene that fans have been looking forward to with her character, and that makes it all the more exciting to see (or hear) here.

The more I hear from this series, the more convinced I become that Jessica Jones was an ideal match for this new format of storytelling. It’s quickly become a favorite of mine, as well as being a highlight each week.

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