Review – John Carter The End #2


John Carter The End #2


At the end of issue #1, John Carter and Dejah have crash landed on Mars with a group of native resistance fighters who were on a mission to find them. With the knowledge that her great-great-grandson is alive and he has been the one imposing this militaristic takeover of Mars and the genocide of its native people. Dejah has gone off on her own to confront him and try to talk some sense into him. John Carter has fled with some of the surviving natives to try and help the small band of resistance fighters. Dejah is welcomed with open arms to her former palace but will she be able to explain to her “son” about the situation at hand and convince him to stop his madness? John Carter is much older now and must take up his sword once more to help lead a new resistance and take back Mars.

Brian Wood and Alex Cox have made John Carter The End not only a fun action adventure story but also a great emotional drama piece. First with the rift arriving with John Carter and his wife Dejah due to John leading her to believe that their great, great grandson was dead and the emotional ties when Dejah finally meets up with him in this issue. The issue of John and Dejah overcoming this is very intriguing story wise, making the battles and struggles that more insightful to the reader. 

John Carter The End #2 cover
John Carter The End #2 cover


Hayden Sherman art still looks fantastic during more action-oriented scenes and when only a few characters are the focus. His style gives battles a viscous feel to them and makes the war-torn world of Mars the destruction and dissolute look it needs to convey this imperialistic reign of terror that has been brought upon its natives. The only downfall of Sherman’s art style is that it does lack detail of characters that are not in the main focus and the backgrounds are not well rendered. Colorist Chris O’Halloran does a fine job with the colors on the series but, I tend to think that Sherman’s art tends to lend itself to a more muted color palate. With Sherman’s other series The Fewthe lack of colors really helps his sketchy style come off the page a little better than it does in the more colorful world of John Carter The End.


This issue is gaining steam as a nice mini-series in the “John Carter universe”. With Brian Wood and Alex Cox driving a more emotional story by placing a wedge between Dejah and Carter while building the stakes with the possible extinction of Mars native race. Sherman’s art styling brings the brutal action to life but lacks some finer details to fully engulf the story. This is becoming a great John Carter story, where many tend to follow the same tropes, these creators are definitely making this series stand out from the pack of past John Carter stories and mythos with it’s more drama oriented tale and bringing some more in-depth story telling.


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