Review – Jook Joint #1 (Image Comics)

Jook Joint #1
  • Writing - 9.5/10
  • Art - 9.8/10
  • Overall - 9.6/10


Writer: Tee Franklin

Art: Alitha E. Martinez

Colorist: Shari Chankhamma

Lettering: Taylor Esposito

Cover: Alitha E. Martinez & Shari Chankhamma

Variant Cover: Mike Hawthorne & Jordie Bellaire

Logo: Melissa Esposito

Design: Justin Stewart

Editor: Brendan Wright

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: October 3rd, 2018


Jook Joint is a bold new horror series based in the Deep South during the 1950s.

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Jook Joint #1 is a Strong Opening for a New Series

Jook Joint #1 is the first of a daring new series from the mind of Tee Franklin. It’s a horror series based in the Deep South and set in the 1950s. The Jook Joint is an actual location in the series—a sort of club that’s supposed to be a safe space to indulge in desires. Unfortunately, there are those that will always seek to take advantage of places like that. That’s where Auntie Mahalia comes in. She and her girls protect those that need it, and seek revenge on those who have done harm…in some of the most gruesome ways possible.


Jook Joint #1 (Image Comics) main cover by Alitha Martinez
Main cover by Alitha Martinez

Jook Joint #1 is a creative and different story from all the others floating around out there. It covers heavy subjects, many of which have been argued about heavily in the news lately. That makes this series timely for many. It also means that it’s a heavy series as it deals with traumatic events that many deal with in real life.

That’s one of the things that makes Jook Joint stand out so much. There’s an actual trigger warning at the front of this issue. The creative team behind the series is more than aware of the reactions these subjects may bring about, and the warning they give is very respectful. Included below the warning are some sexual assault statistics and information on where to seek help, should you need it. This alone shows that the creative team has gone above and beyond the call of duty.


In the letter from the author at the end of Jook Joint #1, Tee Franklin revealed that she wrote this series at her psychologist’s suggestion as a way of coping with the complex emotions she was dealing with. Among those, understandably, was her anger, which sort of explains why this ended up being a horror series.

The addition of a supernatural element to Jook Joint increases the terror felt in the everyday, but it also allows for some small measure of separation between the real world and the stories being told; a measure of comfort for those that need it, and an outlet for others.

So far we don’t know what creatures are involved in the world, but we’ve seen plenty of hints. Some could probably start guessing and theorizing now if they so choose…but it may be more fun to wait for the big revelation.


The artwork for Jook Joint #1 is absolutely striking. The cover art alone is enough to draw people in, while the art on the inside will keep them reading. The style has a loose and rough look to it, which appeals both to the heavier subject matter being talked about and the horror elements that are included. There’s little focus on detailing and texture, instead letting the shading and colors take the forefront.

The graphic images are well handled as well; there’s enough blood and gore to remove any doubt that it’s a horror series, while not going over the top with it. Having yellow backdrops enhances the appearance of the red blood, allowing them to get away with using less.


Jook Joint appears to be an emotionally compelling tale. The fact that the creative team cares so much about taking care of their audience while also telling this story speaks volumes to their sincerity and humanity. Regardless of how long this series ends up running, it seems like it’ll be worth keeping an eye on.

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