Review – Jughead: The Hunger (One Shot)

Jughead: The Hunger (One Shot)

Jughead: The Hunger (one shot) is the latest entry into the Archie Horror line of comicsAfterlife with Archie, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina). In this entry Riverdale has been besieged by a serial killer who is mutilating its victims, a curfew has been enacted and the residents are on edge. Jughead and his friends try to act normal as possible, but Jughead knows something isn’t right. He feels weird, his hearing has been heightened, vision is increased and his hunger well that is normal he is always hungry and never satisfied but, when he wakes up in a pool of blood and body parts strewn about he finds out that his hunger is much more savage than ever before!

Frank Tieri writes a fantastic werewolf story with this one-shot issue in the Archie horror line of comics. He captures all of the characteristics of the Archie characters while giving them a little horror twist. He did a fantastic job scripting this issue and tales a great horror story in 52 pages. He paces the book very well starting off with a great opening scene ramping up the action and then slowly opening the story before ramping it back up again. He brings the reader along for a great roller coaster ride and it has the same feel of watching a good horror movie. There is also a great little twist in the middle of the book that sets up the rest of the story nicely.


Michael Walsh on art should also get great credit for the pacing of the book, his panel structure and layouts really stays right with the story. Slowly revealing the monster, giving us a flash of a claw or glint of some teeth and the carnage that ensues. There is also some good character and background detail that really “sales” the story and puts the reader into this world. Walsh and Dee Cunniffe do absolutely stunning work with the colors in this book. Actually, all of the artists should be praised on the Archie horror line, each book is set in a different “universe” but the colors and art are all similar in each series to give Archie’s horror comics the same “vibe” or feel to them. The dark oranges and reds coupled with some “moody” blues and purples really gives the horror/ominous tone to this series. The transformation scene is also wonderfully well done and looks as horrific as it should be!


Jughead: The Hunger is a howling good time (sorry, had to do that). With great pacing, twist and turns along with some beautiful art this is a fantastic one-shot story from beginning to end. It is almost sad that this is only a one-shot with all the great stuff in this issue I could definitely could have seen this stretched out into another issue or two. That being said it works very well as a single story that has a great beginning, middle and an ending that leaves the door open for the reader’s mind to wander. The horror line of Archie Comics continues to impress and this is another entry readers are not going to want to miss!

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