Review – Jughead The Hunger #1

Jughead The Hunger #1

“Stay on the road. Keep clear of the moors.”

Jughead is on the run, after decimating the town of Riverdale with his ravenous werewolf appetite. Jughead has learned that he comes from a long line of werewolves and that Betty Cooper is from a long line of werewolf hunters; it is her solemn duty to destroy Jughead Jones ‘The Riverdale Ripper” the werewolf! Caught in the middle is the only other person who knows Jughead’s secret the ever lovable Archie Andrews, well and Reggie Miller, but he has other problems at the moment. On the road, Jughead tries to control his insatiable hunger and keep from killing anyone else, but it is not long until the full moon rises and the beast raises his ugly head once again!


Jughead The Hunger #1 is the continuation and ongoing series of Jughead The Hunger one-shot story that came out back in March of this year. Frank Tieri continues to tell the story of Jughead and his struggle with lycanthropy, along with Betty Cooper’s desire to strike him down and Archie’s struggle with his best friend being a monstrous killing machine. Tieri does a lot with Jughead The Hunger #1. You really do not have to read the one-shot story to make sense of Jughead The Hunger #1, it would help and it is a great story, but Tieri does a good job of summarizing the events in the one-shot and jumping right into the series. Jughead The Hunger #1 is a really good werewolf story and Tieri not only delivers well on the horror elements of the story, but he is also building a really good mystery along the way.


Pat and Tim Kennedy along with Bob Smith and Jim Amash on inks take over art duties on Jughead The Hunger #1 and I am really digging the style. It fits right in with the whole “Archie horror” vibe that all these different series have. The details are there and everything looks great, but it is also not super “tight” either, the art hits that nice spot for this series of being “tight but loose” at the same time. I love all the background detail in all the scenes also it really helps bring this world to life. The Panel layouts are great and make the book flow nicely, I also like that they do not show the full werewolf that often it really heightens the effect when we are teased with it and then it pops out of the shadows, it doesn’t hurt they draw a mean looking wolf-man also!

A lot of that “mood” and “vibe” of the series comes from some really fantastic colors from Matt Herms. The orange and red hue he paints Jughead The Hunger #1 really just sets the tone for the entire series. I also love the red “blood splatter he puts on pages and scenes throughout the issue. Jack Morelli’s lettering is icing on the cake and makes Jughead The Hunger #1 come together.


I thoroughly enjoyed Jughead The Hunger #1 as much as Jughead The Hunger one-shot, it is a perfect continuation of that story and the creative team is building a fantastic werewolf series. These Archie Universe characters lend themselves very well to horror type stories as we have seen in series like Afterlife with Archie, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and not so much horror but in the Riverdale tv show. Jughead The Hunger #1 continues that great storytelling and will hook you in with a fantastic story and art that pops off the page.

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