Review – Jughead: the Hunger #6 (Archie Comics)

The Riverdale Ripper Returns Home in Jughead: The Hunger #6

Jughead Jones has finally returned home to Riverdale in Jughead: The Hunger #6. After some adventures with his werewolf cousin, he has learned things are not going so well back home. You see, Reggie has not been super pumped about being turned into a werewolf upon Jughead’s initial Riverdale Ripper rampage. Now Reggie has turned Veronica and several other locals into werewolves, forming their own pack. They have one thing in mind: revenge against Jughead Jones! They have captured his sister Jellybean and have set a trap. With no one to turn to or trust, he goes back to his best friend Archie. Who has, coincidentally, been trying to kill him also!

Jughead: The Hunger #6 (Archie Comics) cover A by Adam Gorham
cover A by Adam Gorham

Will Archie help his former best friend or has too much happened between the two of them to reconcile their relationship? What will Betty Cooper and her werewolf-hunting family think? 


Jughead: The Hunger #6 has turned me around storywise on this series. I like what is happening here. The tension between Archie and Jughead is palpable. You can see in the scenes together that they are struggling with what is happening. It is a good piece of writing from Frank Tieri, having these friends come back and face each other again after all they have been through. I am also digging the whole Reggie and Veronica having their own pack of werewolves. Only wanting revenge on Jones for all the pain and agony they have put them and their family through. You can kind of feel for them in that way. You know Jughead basically murdered them and/or their family/friends, so they have a nice motivation for revenge.

There is a nice comedy beat Jughead: The Hunger #6 pulls off that is fantastic. I cannot say much without spoilers but it is very well done by the creative team. That little insert of comedy helps the story come down a little bit and I got a good laugh out of it.


The art continues to be one of my biggest hangups with this series. Pat and Tim Kennedy, with Bob Smith on inks, continue to do the first 10 pages of the issue. They deliver some great pages in Jughead: The Hunger #6; you can see in the preview pages that they add some good detail to the series. I love all the background detail they put in Archie’s room, and that run-down house Reggie is keeping Jellybean in looks great. The first ten pages have great character work and a good mix of cartooning with a horror vibe. So when Joe Eisma picks up the other pages the style is just a little bit too much of a change. The werewolves have a little more cartoonish look to them and the characters look too different. Eisma’s art is not bad but it feels like it changes the tone and feel of the series when the last 10 pages change over to him.

Matt Herms does keep the continuity pretty well with his coloring work and I love the dark moodiness he gives to the series. His use of red works wonderfully well throughout Jughead: The Hunger #6.


The story of Jughead: the Hunger has started to win me over and I am really liking what is starting to happen in the series. The halfway switch with the artist still bugs me and just feels like it changes the whole tone of the book. On another note, this series has to have some of the best collection of covers of any series all three look amazing and every month they have some glorious covers, but Michael Walsh’s homage cover to The Company of Wolves poster is absolutely fantastic and I could not pass it up!

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