Review – Jughead: The Hunger #7 (Archie Comics)

Jughead: The Hunger #7
  • Writing - 7.5/10
  • Art - 5/10
  • Overall - 6.3/10


Writer: Frank Tieri
Artist: Pat & Tim Kennedy (p.1-10), Joe Eisma (p.11-20)
Inks: Bob Smith (p.1-6,10), Ryan Jampole (p.7-9)
Colorist: Matt Herms
Letterer: Jack Morelli
Maturity Rating: Teen+
Publisher: Archie Comics
Release: August 15, 2018

The final showdown arrives in Jughead: The Hunger #7. Werewolf Veronica vs Werewolf hunter Betty and Jughead vs Reggie.

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The Riverdale Ripper Saga Ends in Jughead: The Hunger #7

The final confrontation is here in Jughead: The Hunger #7. Jughead had finally made his way back to Riverdale only to find his sister, Jellybean, in the clutches of Veronica and Reggie’s new wolf pack. They want revenge on Jughead for turning them into werewolves and they are using Jellybean as bait. Archie and Betty have also come back to Riverdale much to Betty’s dismay. Now it’s rival vs rival. Werewolf Veronica vs werewolf hunter Betty with Archie caught again in the middle! Jughead vs Reggie in a beast vs beast showdown!


I have really enjoyed the story in these past few issues of Jughead: The Hunger. It feels like Frank Tieri has caught the rhythm and tone of the series and it is starting to show. We are getting a nice blend of action, horror and comedy and Tieri seems to be balancing it well. Bringing the cast back to Riverdale has helped bring the story together a little bit more. You know the saying, “There is no place like home.”

Jughead: The Hunger #7 Cover Artist: Michael Walsh
Jughead: The Hunger #7 Cover Artist: Michael Walsh

Tieri is doing a great job writing Archie as well. He is not really the focus of this series but Tieri has been giving him this almost humdrum attitude of late. Like now he is not super impressed with people being werewolves or werewolf hunters. He is just kind of like “yeah whatever” and it is fantastic. There is also a nice little twist with Jellybean at the end of Jughead: The Hunger #7 that has me very interested to see where Tieri is going to take this story now.


I talk about this just about every review so I am going to keep it short so as not to beat a dead horse. The changeup in art in the middle of the issue continues to be the biggest problem. The style change is just too dramatic and feels like it tonally shifts the book right in the middle of the story every time. Pat and Tim Kennedy with Bob Smith and Ryan Jampole on inks continue to capture that more horror vibe of the series for the first ten pages and I wish they could do the whole series. Joe Eisma’s art is good but just does not seem to fit. 

Matt Herms on colors continues to do a tremendous job in Jughead: The Hunger #7. Love the darker fall season-like feeling he gives to the series. 


The story in Jughead: The Hunger #7 picks up a lot of steam finishing up this story arc and starting in a new direction has me excited to see what happens next. Art continues to be a big issue and I really wish they would have some consistency in that department. Michael Walsh once again delivers a stunningly beautiful cover for this issue and Adam Gorham has an astounding cover for issue #8 that has me wanting it for my ever growing werewolf cover collection!

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