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Review – Justice League #23 (DC Comics)

Justice League #23
  • Writing - 8.8/10
  • Art - 9/10
  • Overall - 8.9/10
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Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Jorge Jimenez
Colorist: Alejandro Sánchez
Letterer: Tom Napolitano
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: DC Comics
Release: May 1, 2019

The 6th dimension has spelled trouble for the Justice League what once looked like a Utopia of their dreams has turned into a hellish nightmare as the League has been captured and imprisoned!


Imprisoned in the 6th Dimension Justice League #23


We have found out that the 6th dimension is not the Utopia it was thought to be! As the Legion of Doom may be the only saviors for the Multi-Verse and to the Justice League in more ways than one! The Wolrd Forger has created this place and will not allow the Justice League to destroy his creation. He needs the Prime League to go along with his plan to save the universe he has created. Too bad his plan is to lock up or kill anybody that doesn’t agree with him. The League resists the World Forger! They are subsequently transported to a prison planet run by none other than Lois Lane! With Superman still struggling to survive and Batman seemingly agreeing with the World Forger’s plan, what will become of our heroes in Justice League #23?


Justice League #23 variant cover by Jerome Opena
Justice League #23 variant cover by Jerome Opena

So, I tried my best to describe what is happening in the Justice League in a paragraph. The story switches back and forth from our regular Justice League in the 6th dimension and what the Legion of Doom is doing. Issue #22 was a Legion of Doom issue, so Justice League #23 focused on the story of our heroes trapped in the 6th dimension. The stories weave together but it is a bit confusing at times.

That is not to say the Scott Snyder is not doing an incredible job with this series. I may not be 100% sure of everything going on. But it is a ton of fun to read. For me, it just pure “super-hero comic book” goodness! I love the big, grand scope of the story. Snyder places our heroes in a very tough situation and things are looking dire. Justice League #23 has a huge scope and narrative but everything feels very tight storytelling wise at the same time.

Snyder does a fantastic job while keeping the story scope big, he does a lot of great character work as well. For such a big cast each character has gotten little spots to shine. Snyder manages the script well allowing for big things to happen while letting the characters have their individual moments as well. He also has Lois throw in some good newspaper puns; I am a sucker for crappy jokes.


The art continues to be stunningly well done in Justice League #23. Jorge Jimenez is doing some fantastic work. I have talked about his work a lot in my previous reviews of this arc (check them out here and here). He continues to impress me with each issue he is on. I love the way Jimenez depicts characters. I like that he has slightly exaggerated body proportions. It is not much but just enough to give a little different look to the characters. I like the “thinner” ink lines and his attention to little details throughout the issue as well.

Jimenez also continues to do a tremendous job on characters facial expressions. There is a delightful flashback scene at the start of the issue with Clark trying to teach his son how to make a fire without heat vision. Just the way he has Clark positioned, his body posture and the frustrated look on Johnathan’s face tells the whole story. There is also a beautifully done “chase” scene in Justice League #23. It is all done in a two-page spread, the panel work and set up is truly great. As in that two-page spread, you get that sense of movement and excitement.

Alejandro Sánchez also does great coloring work. I really like the darker tone he switches to on the prison planet. Gives a great sense of dread and fear. He also cast that prison planet with a perfect dark red hue. Again that flashback scene is done perfectly well coloring wise also. The way Sánchez catches the bright blue sky, the clouds; it brings that “Kent” farm to life.


I may not fully understand the “larger” world ending story completely that is going on, but I get the gist of it and that is all I need to enjoy this issue and story arc. Justice League #23 is just again another fun issue from this creative team. Everything is just good about it. The story is interesting and engaging. The characters get some great moments throughout and it has me very intrigued to see what comes next. The art continues to be just delightful! From action scenes to talking head scenes the art team does a tremendous job of capturing the moments throughout the issue. All around this was just a great super-hero comic.

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