Review – Justice League #9 (DC Comics)

Justice League #9 (DC Comics) variant cover (detail) by Jim Lee and Scott Williams
Justice League #9
  • Writing - 7.9/10
  • Art - 7.8/10
  • Overall - 7.9/10
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Writer: Scott Snyder

Artist: Jorge Jimenez

Colorist: Alejandro Sanchez

Letterer: Tom Napolitano

Maturity Rating: Teen

Publisher: DC Comics

Release: October 3, 2018

The Justice League has more questions than answers after their latest battles in Justice League #9.


A New Beginning in Justice League #9

As Batman continues to recover from his injuries Superman has another task at hand. He is going to rebuild the moon after its destruction! But Batman may not want the moon rebuilt? That is not all, in Justice League #9. We get a tour of the Hall of Justice as the team has set up new living quarters for themselves. Plus the Flash and John Stewart check out the dining hall!


Justice League #9 (DC Comics) main cover by Jorge Jimenez
Main cover by Jorge Jimenez

Justice League #9 felt a little like Avengers #8 from a few weeks ago. Scott Snyder basically splits the team into pairs as they sort out problems. Batman and Superman discuss “the moon” and why it needs to be rebuilt in a certain way, while Aquaman and Wonder Woman show off everybody’s living quarters in the Hall of Justice. This is easily one of the best parts of Justice League #9. Seeing how all the other leaguers decked out their living quarters while Wonder Woman explains why they did it is excellent.

The other best part is John Stewart and the Flash having lunch in the Hall of Justice cafeteria. This could have been the whole issue for me. For one, I am always super interested in how much the Flash can/has to eat; I could read a whole issue on that. We also learn where all the food comes from and see other heroes sitting down for a meal. It is an all-around great scene.

Snyder uses most of Justice League #9 setting things up for the “Drowned Earth” storyline coming up. We do not really learn much about anything with that storyline in particular and nothing too new about the “Starman” character. It is mainly an issue about characters discussing things, but it is still very interesting with Snyder’s twist to it.


Justice League #9 has some pretty solid art from Jorge Jimenez. He has a tight detailed style that works well for this issue. It especially shows in the scenes showing off all the different heroes’ living quarters. He adds in great little details to those scenes that add a lot to the characters and what is being said about them. His structure and layouts are very well done. He builds up the ending in dramatic fashion and the final page is a terrific shot of Superman.

Alejandro Sanchez uses a lot of brighter coloring for Justice League #9. Everything seems to have a glint or a sheen to it. For the most part, it works well. Sanchez does a great job on the space scenes of Superman rebuilding the moon. He catches the light and darkness well and makes Superman’s costume look great.


Justice League #9 is not the greatest issue ever, but there is a lot to like in it as well. I love the idea of Superman rebuilding the moon. It feels very “golden age” era thing to happen. Scott Snyder brings up a lot of interesting things throughout the issue and the scenes describing the characters and how they live and why are excellent. The art is good, Jimenez and Sanchez make a good team and they have some fun sequences in Justice League #9.

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