Review – Justice League of America #15

Justice League of America #15

Many do not realize we are living in the greatest days of DC comics. Every week you will find dozens of comics that are beyond good, but even excellent! Rebirth has given us so many titles that many of the “just good” series we might have acclaimed years ago now are lost in the shuffle. With this in mind, I will admit I have completely missed Justice League of America. Batman’s own suicide squad is a great concept, especially following the events of “I am Suicide” in the main Batman Rebirth title. However, the cover proclaiming the return of Ray Palmer, the original Atom, gripped my attention! The entirety of my comics addiction is centered around the B-list superheroes. With that in mind, is this issue excellent or just as forgettable as most of the Atom’s adventures?

Justice League of America #15 Cover by Andy Kubert
Justice League of America #15 Cover by Andy Kubert

DC has certainly taken their sweet time fulfilling all of the Rebirth teases. We still have yet to see mainstays like the Justice Society and Legion of Superheroes. Fortunately, the Atom is back, and yes, he is still a jerk. Palmer has always been underused in spite of his role in many great story arcs including “Savage Sword of the Atom”. Comics fans will be glad to know this is not the Brandon Routh version that guest starred on The CW’s Arrow and eventually spun into Legends of Tomorrow. Would he better off that way? Time will tell, but its always good to have something familiar back.

Issue 15 is part four of an ongoing story arc involving the Justice League of America’s mission into the micro-verse. Immediately we are introduced to the Atom and given an issue long look into his absence. Ray has been busy, making best friends with a native scientist and even romancing a local. Steve Orlando’s dialogue is the strongest part of the writing, always feeding the reader important plot points without crossing into redundant territory. I might ask, would this issue be better spent focusing on the already large cast? The story could have been condensed down, allowing time for more character growth. At the end of the day, this is still an entertaining interlude to a larger story.

Comic art fans need to take note of Felipe Watanabe. Several dynamic shots add the perfect depth the Micro-verse needs and even all three splash pages would make lovely pieces on your comics wall.  Clean letters, vibrant colors, and fresh inks contribute to the experience. This is the kind of art I would expect from summer events, and I honestly hope we see more from him!

I cannot recommend issue #15 as a jumping on point, but happily as a great Atom story. Justice League of America is definitely a solid book with great art and good writing yet falls short of the excellent tier. With so many choices out there, you cannot go wrong with this selection, but you might also find better DC comics for your $2.99. Fans of the diverse cast of C-listers will need this in their collections, yet the more casual fans should probably put their money towards one of the excellent Metal tie-ins available this week. Personally, I plan to pick up the trade paperbacks so I can get caught up on Batman’s squad of misfits.

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