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Justice League Dark #21
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Justice League Dark #21

Story: James Tynion IV & Ram V

Script: Ram V

Pencils: Alvaro Martinez Bueno

Inks: Raul Fernandez

Colorist: June Chung

Letterer: Rob Leigh

Maturity Rating: Teen+

Publisher: DC Comics

Release: March 25, 2020

The Floronic Man continues to cause chaos as the Parliaments of life are out of control. As Wonder Woman, Detective Chimp and Animal fend off hordes of rot infested humans. Zatanna and Constantine enter the dream world to find answers.


Breathe Life in Justice League Dark #21


Rot infested people ravage through the city in Justice League Dark #21 while Wonder Woman, Detective Chimp and Animal Man try to hold them off. The Floronic Man’s reach is powerful even deep within his cell. It has thrown the Parliaments of Life into a frenzy. Zatanna and John Constantine search the dream world for some answers to the Parliaments. The answers they find may not be the ones they were searching for as a new enemy arises from the nightmare.



Justice League #21
Justice League #21 (W) James TynionIV, Ram V. (A) Kyle Hotz (CA) Guillem March

I spoke a bit about this in my previous review, but again the Parliament of Life is a blind spot in my DC knowledge. So, I am more than a bit confused on what exactly is happening , but I also really like the idea of what is happening all the same. Ram V and James Tynion IV are scripting a wild story that continues to unfold in Justice League Dark #21.

I like the splitting up of the team as Wonder Woman, Detective Chimp and Animal Man fend off the Rot. We get the madness of Zatanna and John Constantine entering the dream world and into the heart of the rot. We switch back and forth from the teams wonderfully well to enhance the drama of the story.

The interaction between John Constantine and Zatanna continues to be one of my favorite things about the story. The grouping of these two together is fantastic. They are two similar magic type based characters yet are wildly different. With powers and how they act and it is played out well throughout this issue.

While maybe if it was explained a little bit better? Or if I knew a bit more about the Parliaments then the story might hold some more weight. But all in all I am still really enjoying this story arc. I have always said Justice League Dark fairs better with a bit of a horror slant and this continues to slightly lean into that.


I am having a little conundrum with the art in Justice League Dark #21. It switches back to Alvaro Martinez Bueno on pencils with Raul Fernandez on inks and June Chung on colors. Bueno and Fernandez are familiar names on the series I reviewed a few issues with them on board. They do some spectacular work in this issue.

There are some really great layouts in this issue. Wonder Woman fighting human infested Rots down a flight of stairs stands out as beautifully designed. While Constantine entering the dreaming world is just a stunning page to look at. Bueno always does a fantastic job with his character work and it continues to stand out. June Chung also does some delightful coloring work. Chung also uses a white background for that after mentioned Wonder Woman scene and it works perfectly.

So now we get to the conundrum the art is wildly different from the start of the story arc in the previous issue (you can read my review here). It leaned heavy into that horror vibe and this scales it back. I liked that the previous issue had that more realistic type art and vivid perspective that brought everything into crazy detail. That does not mean one art style is better than the other or this artist is better than the other. I really loved the art in Justice League Dark #21, I just feel for the story itself the art in the previous issue fit much better.


Though I am still confused about the overall plot of this story arc in Justice League Dark, James Tynion IV and Ram V make it an exciting read and something I cannot stop turning the pages on. The character work is great and I love the interactions between Zatanna and Constantine. The art is wonderfully done with some fantastic pages and panels. On its own it is great art and visually fantastic, but if I compare it to the previous issue it loses that bit of “oomph” to the story being told when I first opened the pages. Not taking anything away from the artist on this issue. Just for the story itself I feel the art from the previous issue served the story better. 

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