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Justice League Dark #7
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Writer: James Tynion IV
Penciller: Alvaro Martinez Bueno
Inker: Raul Fernandez
Colorist: Brad Anderson
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Maturity Rating: Teen +
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: January 16, 2018

Stories hold power; the passing down and telling of them can weave magical spells and Man-Bat is about to find out about all of this in Justice League Dark #7.


“Fear of the Dark” Justice League Dark #7

The Otherkind seek to destroy all magic in the DC Universe. They have brought terrible horrors to the DC Universe. Each time The Justice League Dark comes too late, only able to record stories of what destruction the Otherkind has brought. They are a new, terrible kind of monster, one that other creatures of the night fear. Man-Bat records the stories of what the Otherkind has done; there can’t be any harm in recounting and recording stories, can there? Find out in Justice League Dark #7, if you dare read about the Otherkind!


Justice League Dark #7 (DC Comics) main cover by Alvaro Eduardo Martinez Bueno and Raul Fernandez
Main cover by Alvaro Eduardo Martinez Bueno and Raul Fernandez

James Tynion IV leans heavy on the horror aspect of the series in Justice League Dark #7. I absolutely adore the framing device of having Man-Bat recount these horrific encounters with the entity known as the Otherkind. Tales from the Crypt or the wonderful horror anthologies of old come to mind. Tynion uses that setup and other nice horror anthology tropes in the issue to great effect. From the start, Justice League Dark has an immensely creepy vibe that persists throughout the whole story. It is wonderful and exactly what I wanted.

Tynion does a fantastic job of slowly building up these stories and letting the horror unfold, while also building up the ongoing story of the Otherkind and how it is going to affect our team going forward after Justice League Dark #7. This is a big tonal change from the two-part story in issue #5 and #6. That was more of a fantasy type story, while this leans heavily toward the horror spectrum. For me, that feels like a good switch-up. Plus I like how Tynion has played with the tone of the series since the start. Tynion plays well switching between horror and fantasy type stories in this series.

Having Tynion lean heavy on the horror aspect of the series works for the plot as well. We have seen a lot of “magic being taken away” in both DC and Marvel here lately and this gives a different feel to that type of story. Justice League Dark #7 is a “full” issue. Tynion does a great job of making 20 pages feel like a lot more, in a very good way. 


Alvaro Martinez Bueno pencils the issue with Raul Fernandez on inks and Brad Anderson on colors. They do a delightful job of setting an eerie, creepy mood for Justice League Dark #7. The dark colorations and dim lighting from Anderson work extremely well for the horror theme. Fernandez uses a little softer and lighter ink lines to really insinuate the characters faces and the details in them.

Going back to that Tales from the Crypt type vibe for the story: Bueno lays out each tale with a title card for the story, with Man-Bat introducing the story being told from his files. I absolutely love this; it gives that great horror vibe to the story while also adding a little levity to the whole issue.

The whole art team does a fantastic job throughout Justice League Dark #7 keeping the tone of the story in check. There is a stunningly creepy panel of Man-Bat at the start of the issue with him sitting back in the shadows reading. The background is blacked out and his face is lit in an odd very light blue, almost white, color and it is just extremely eerie.


This was a great issue of Justice League Dark. I loved that it leaned heavily on the more horror themes. It felt right out of something like Tales from the Crypt or other golden age horror comics, while still driving an ongoing story. The whole creative team did a fantastic job throughout the issue. Justice League Dark #7 is well told, laid out, and plotted. The art team does a superb job of keeping the creepiness of the series throughout each page and the book looks great. This also seems like a pretty solid jumping-on point for new readers. Maybe not the greatest, but it is a solid starting point. 

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