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Killing Red Sonja #2
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  • Art - 7.5/10
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Writers: Mark Russell & Bryce Ingman
Illustrator: Craig Rousseau
Colorist: Dearbhla Kelly
Letterer: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Maturity Rating: Teen
Release Date: June 20, 2020

Prince Cyril has no business ordering people around or really being on any type of quest, but the young kid doesn’t know any of that yet. With giants wiping out his crew, the boy is about to learn fast: things are not always like his storybooks.


“A Dish Best Served Cold” Killing Red Sonja #2

Young Prince Cyril’s quest for revenge continues in Killing Red Sonja #2. As I noted in my review of the 1st issue (3 months ago) this series takes place after issue #12 of Mark Russell’s Red Sonja series. Prince Cyril looks to avenge his father’s death at the hands of the fabled Red Sonja. The young prince is a coddled young man who is not a leader in any sense. Everyone knows this except for him. Cyril thinks he is the new emperor. He is sent on a “fool’s errand” to get him out of the way.

Killing Red Sonja #2 (Dynamite Entertainment) cover B by Adam Gorham
Killing Red Sonja #2 (Dynamite Entertainment) cover B by Adam Gorham

Thinking that his crew is set to kill Red Sonja, this trip seems to be playing out like all his storybooks. But when giants show up and slaughter half the group, things get a little too real, and Prince Cyril finds out the truth quickly and bluntly in Killing Red Sonja #2.


Mark Russell and Bryce Ingman continue to work together on writing duties in Killing Red Sonja #2. I am not as familiar with Ingman’s writing style as Russell’s so it is hard to pinpoint his input in the story. But you can spot Russell’s from a mile away and it is easily the highlight of the issue. Whenever there is a sharp political input on the situation or a clever one-liner it has Russell written all over it.

I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing for the series. It kind of makes me wish he had just done the whole thing. It is a good little character study on the character of Cyril and how he sees things and what is happening. The actual story I can’t say I am fully wrapped up in. 

I don’t know if I care about what happens or about these characters. I am more interested to hear what Russell comments on in the certain situations brought upon by the story. On one point, it’s good, and has me enjoying parts of the issue. Other parts I kind of just seem to be glossing over and not caring about the actual story in Killing Red Sonja #2.


Craig Rousseau continues to illustrate the series in Killing Red Sonja #2. Again he has a good storybook type style. It is not the most detailed or dynamic style but it works for the series and the story being told. I would like a little more background and character detail here and there but as a whole, it works. 

Rousseau does do a solid job matching the “cheekiness” of comedic elements of the story. He does a great job of capturing that in the story. The coloring work by Dearbhla Kelly is the standout in the art in Killing Red Sonja #2. The kind of faded-out, plain tones give it that storybook essence, but in this issue, Kelly uses some brighter coloration for a few characters/scenes that are fantastic.

Kelly also switches up the coloring for flashback shot scenes. Changing the coloration and tone for those scenes helps set up what is happening well. Kelly’s colors also fit perfectly with Rousseau’s art style. While it may not be all intriguing visually, it does all work well together to tell the story.


I am kind of at a mid-point with Killing Red Sonja #2. The story itself and the characters are not that captivating and I don’t care that much about them. I do, though, like Russell’s commentary and the little one-liners he adds in here or there. The art is solid as well, but again, nothing spectacular, and it can be a little hard to tell what is going on at times.

That all doesn’t want me to come back for more. But I also kind of want to see how it all plays out, as well. So, I am giving this series one more issue to pick up before I drop it.

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