Review – Klaus and the Crying Snowman #1 (BOOM! Studios)

Klaus and the Crying Snowman #1 (BOOM Studios) variant cover (detail) by Humberto Ramos
Klaus and the Crying Snowman
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Writer: Grant Morrison

Artist: Dan Mora

Letterer: Ed Dukeshire

Maturity Rating: Teen

Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Release: December 19, 2018

The Norse gods are coming back and it is up to Klaus and the yuletide heroes to stop them and save Christmas once again. They will need some special help from a very special snowman if they are to save the world from another Ragnarok!


“Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” Klaus and the Crying Snowman #1


Another Christmas is here which means another installment of Klaus from Grant Morrison and Dan Mora! Christmas needs saving once again but this time the gods that brought forth Ragnarok are back. If Klaus is going to save Christmas and the Earth he is going to need the help from a Snowman who needs some redemption of its own in Klaus and the Crying Snowman #1.


Klaus and the Crying Snowman #1 (BOOM Studios) Cover Art by Dan Mora
Klaus and the Crying Snowman #1 (BOOM Studios) main cover by Dan Mora

Grant Morrison once again delivers a delightful tale in Klaus and the Crying Snowman #1. Ever since that first Klaus mini-series, these subsequent one-shot stores of Klaus throughout different Christmas’s have been a treat to read at every Christmas time. Last year Klaus battled in X-Masville, and previously stopped The Witch of Winter but this year he has much bigger troubles!

Grant Morrison has an odd mind. You can see that in most of his writings (check out his newest ongoing The Green Lantern for proof). He also apparently has a wealth of Christmas knowledge to keep coming up with these stories. Klaus and the Crying Snowman #1 is a tale of redemption for this magical snowman that has to help Klaus save the world and Christmas once again. Who else besides Morrison is going to combine Christmas and Ragnarok while weaving in a family story as well?

It is an action-packed and pretty heartwarming story that is perfect for this time of year. It has all that oddness of a Grant Morrison story with some heart thrown in it as well. Klaus and the Crying Snowman #1 does seem to suffer from the same thing other two Klaus one-shots did. In that, the story feels little rushed. Grant Morrison has a lot of ideas that do not seem to get fleshed out enough. Even with the higher page count, it seems we need at least 10 more pages to get the full story he was trying to tell.


It is always a delight to have some Dan Mora art in our lives. I have been loving him on Go Go Power Rangers and was sad when he left. He does some truly tremendous work in Klaus and the Crying Snowman #1. He gets to do 2-page spread of Ragnarok from Norse mythology and it is a glorious piece of work.

His characters have a lovely detail to them and he adds such depth to them by adding little things to their clothing or outfits. I love Mora’s action scenes as well. He adds in a great sense of motion and movement throughout the pages. I can’t say enough good things about Mora’s art, it is truly beautiful!

He has wonderful character designs, he brings all of these odd things from Grant Morrison’s imagination to life. There is some fantastic coloring work in Klaus and the Crying Snowman #1 as well. There are some great scenes of Christmas morning with the sun rising, Mora pants the sky in a beautiful yellow hue that has a wonderful effect on the scene playing out in the story.


Klaus and the Crying Snowman #1 is another great entry into the series. Even though I feel the story could have used a few more pages, it is still a great holiday read. It has everything we come to expect from a Klaus book. Great action, adventure, and heart as well. Dan Mora and Grant Morrison make a great creative team and this is another story not to miss!

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