Review – Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure #1

The Cover for Legenderry #1
Those gears tho

Everyone is wearing a vest! Goggles too! That’s just how they do in Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure from Dynamite Publishing.

For the steampunk aficionado looking for a roaring good time, this book has it all. There are vests, goggles, people keep saying “constabulary” instead of “the fuzz,” goggles, a dirigible (probably), goggles, a dude broadcasting a late-night, radio gossip show over something called a “wireless” and goggles.

There’s even a guy with a monocle built into his goggles. That is pretty much the steamiest and the punkiest combination in existence.

A goggles with a monocles.

Think about it.

Legenderry is birthed from the cranium-space of the legendary (see what was done there?) scribe-o-Fables, John Fableson (Bill Willingham). Willingham teams up with artist Sergio Fernandez Davila to work on this seven-issue dirigible-ride through some of the most iconic landscapes and characters of classic comicdom through a steampunk lense. The seven issues of this series will be populated with characters like The Green Hornet, Vampirella, Red Sonja, The Phantom and many others. Each issue features a new cast and setting but every issue promises to deliver great characters, awesome action and so many top hats that you’ll probably go blind.

Yeah, that’s how awesome it is.

This first-fantastic issue opens up in The Big City as Felix Avalon broadcasts into the night and into the wireless of anyone who is listening. Then there’s a club called The Scarlet Room in-which well-to-dos are discussing the well-to-don’ts about martinis. One dude is all like “old school or nothing. Dry martinis are for jerks and barbarians.”

While Madam Pendragon, the proprietor of The Scarlet Room is all like “Dude, you straight trippin’, Dry Martinis are my jam and you’re just a stuffy old coot.”

This dialogue may or may not be paraphrased.

Madam Pendragon ripping limbs off of her would-be assailants
This is not going to end for those Grenadiers. Guess they should have brought grenades.

Then a damsel in distress bursts into the club followed by a bunch of dudes with swords who take fashion advice from Laird James McCullen Destro’s merry band of Grenadiers and the game is afoot as they say!

There is action! There is intrigue! There is a story involving a missing sister and a sinister cover up that could have been ripped straight out of Dick Tracy and that’s why it is so awesomely appropriate for a series such as Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure!

At some point a dude even says “I know a couple of rough customers who’re exactly right for that job.” Rough customers? Oh man, if this isn’t the epitome of swankily-awesome dialogue then nothing is and we can all just give up now because this is as close as it gets.

Also, Doctor Orpheus‘ evil twin is somehow involved in some mysterious and evil happenings, so that’s always a plus.

Bottom line, this book is fun city. If you’re a fan of the properties produced by Dynamite Publishing and would like to see them fancied up in vests, tophats and revolvers with superfluous surface-gears and whatnot, then this is most definitely the book for you. If you want to see Cyclops’ stupid pizza-face debating philosophy with Magneto for 22-pages then look elsewhere.

Even if you aren’t a big fan of the steampunk genre but enjoy the classic comics that Legenderry is amalgam-ing then this is a great book to check out. This book already promises some awesome action, great artwork and some noir-esque intrigue and storytelling.

The Numbers: 8.5/10

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