Review – The Librarians S04E01-02

The Librarians S04E01-2:

“And the Dark Secret” & “And the Steal of Fortune”

Last season on The Librarians, Librarians Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle), Cassandra Cillian (Lindy Booth), Jacob Stone (Christian Kane), and Ezekiel Jones (John Harlan Kim) managed to keep the world safe from chaos god Apep and keep the library out of the hands of the Department of Statistical Anomalies. Guardian Colonel Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn) and Jenkins (John Larroquette) disagreed on the means by which this was done, but they both contributed to the end of these antagonists. Flynn managed to make it out of the season alive, despite it being signaled throughout the season that his time might be running out. Will Flynn and the other Librarians make it out of this season alive? Watch TNT to find out!

This Season on The Librarians:

The Librarians S04E01-02TNT decided to release six episodes in the first three weeks of the season. This is reminiscent of how TNT released the last four episodes of season one of the show. Although TNT seems to be burning episodes off at an alarming rate this season, panic regarding this point would be a waste of energy (panic about the impending death of #NetNeutrality instead). Unlike previous seasons, season four is scheduled to have 12 episodes.

Can The Librarians Trust The Library?

In “And the Dark Secret,” a dark secret is revealed to Eve and the Librarians. This secret leads them to ask whether they can trust the institution to which they have given their loyalty. Jenkins embodies the Library, in this case, so the choice seems to be whether or not to trust Jenkins. Since Eve and Jenkins’ relationship is one of my favorite things about the show, I’m concerned that this conflict may upend that friendship. When the secret is revealed, Eve and Flynn are shocked and suddenly unsure of the Library and of Jenkins, especially Flynn. Eve decides that the people in institutions are the important thing, rather than institutions. Therefore, Eve decides that the best thing to do is take over the Library and trust in themselves. The junior Librarians (Are we still calling them that?) are divided on the issue of trust. Cassandra trusts Jenkins, and therefore the Library. Ezekiel does not trust institutions in general (shocking, we know), and does not appear too taken aback that this secret has been hidden from him. Stone seems to be unsure whether to trust the Library or not but is horrified at the secret itself.

This season appears to be leading up to Eve and Flynn tethering themselves to the Library, which is a decision they would not be able to take back. A driving question of the season seems to be whether both of them,  particularly Flynn, will actually consent to do so (A question I have is “Why can’t Jenkins do it?”).

Should the Librarians Keep to the Library?

The Librarians S04E01-02In “And the Steal of Fortune,” the Librarians consider whether one can have outside ties to the Library. Stone and Ezekiel meet up with Slayton (Nate Scholz), one of Stone’s old friends. Flynn has just proclaimed that Librarians should stick to the Library and have no outside relationships with people outside of it. He does this in a manner which tips off Jenkins to Flynn’s doubts regarding tethering himself to the Library. However, Jenkins agrees with Flynn, having led by example. The feelings of the other three members of the main cast on the subject aren’t highlighted in this episode, but it seems like this will be one of the driving questions of the season.

The concept of the Librarians refusing to keep outside relationships is ridiculous. If the Librarians are supposed to protect the world, they should stay in contact with the people who are, in effect, their constituents. I’m pretty sure that the show is going to agree with me on this point, but watching this question draw out is going to get old very soon.

Next week on The Librarians:

Next week, The Librarians releases another pair of episodes, one of which seems to be an Ezekiel-centric Christmas episode, even though Santa Claus himself (Bruce Campbell) did not appear in the preview. 

The Librarians airs on TNT, Wednesdays at 8pm.

Images courtesy of TNT

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