Review- Locke and Key Alpha #2

Locke and Key Alpha # 2 by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez


With a bittersweet feeling, I must write today that one of my favorite series has ended. After 45 issues, Locke and Key has become a staple in every nerd’s collection. The replica keys (too bad they are not real; I want the head key) are sold by Skeleton Crew like candy and everyone who knows has it on the top of their pull list. This comic, a mix between what is scary and what is fantastic, has shown us what is like to be afraid, to have fear in different stages of life, and how fear of reality makes adults and young adults do things to avoid it.


Locke and Key Alpha # 2 is the end of our journey; the Lockes have defeated the demons in the cave and have regained all the keys. We start this issue just as we started the series: with pain.  Many have died not knowing their lives where part of this war, others knowing and trying to help. Death and how we process it and accept it is important here; death causes us fear, maybe because it is misunderstood or because the cause was horrific. Tyler looks like a man and Kindey has learned to deal with her emotions; we have seen these kids grow with all the situations and responsibility placed in their hands and they have become more than what many expected them to be. I must say, without any spoilers, there is a happy ending, even between so much death, the Lockes find peace.

The story is amazing, Joe Hill is a genius as usual, making twists and making us think a little bit about fear and death. Gabriel Rodriguez is a master. I can not believe how many details he puts into the house and the emotions on the character faces. The multiple covers are all perfect. I will miss trying to guess what the next key is about, wondering what evil they could bring, but the Lockes have had a rough year and we had 6, sometimes painful but extraordinary years, and as someone wise with the last name Locke says, “Only demons cling to life after their time is up”


Locke and Key Alpha #2 , published by IDW, 7.99, must buy to anyone.

About the author

Ani Gonzalez

Anixa loves her dogs more than people and she reads too many comics to be normal. Lovecraftian, Star Wars fan, Ringer but a lil Tolkienist too, Batman manic, Gears of War addict , Borderlands 2 is her second home, Locke and key, Saga, Adventure Time, Futurama, all books and her dream is to be a Hogwarts teacher. She does has a life besides geekery but she prefers to stay in her bubble.

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