Review – Loggerhead: Bloody Bayou #1 (Scout Comics)

Loggerhead: Bloody Bayou #1
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Loggerhead: Bloody Bayou #1

Writer: Bryan Silverbax
Artist: Bryan Silverbax
Layouts: Mark Vuycankiat
Colorist: Bryan Silverbax
Flatting: Sheryl Rodriguez
Letterer: Joel Rodriguez
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: Scout Comics
Release Date: July 8, 2020

Loggerhead will exact his revenge on anyone who intends to harm his swamp!


Blood in the Water in Loggerhead: Bloody Bayou #1

Legend has it the swamp has a protector after the great war. Something large, wild, and vicious protects the land in Loggerhead: Bloody Bayou #1. Bryan Silverbax brings an all-new comic to Scout Comics as Loggerhead shreds bodies across the swamp. Set in a future timeline, kids tell stories about the monster/protector Loggerhead. When some scavengers come to steal some valuable minerals and attack the kids, Loggerhead exacts his revenge!

Loggerhead: Bloody Bayou #1 (Scout Comics) cover by Bryan Silverbax
Loggerhead: Bloody Bayou #1 (Scout Comics) cover by Bryan Silverbax

It seems I review a lot of books about anthropomorphic animals lately. Obviously, I am a hardcore TMNT fan, and I loved Cold Blood Samurai. Loggerhead: Bloody Bayou #1 is a little bit more “mature” and violent book. So, be warned: if you don’t like gore, best look away or cover your eyes from the pages.


I like to remain spoiler-free, mostly, but unfortunately (maybe fortunately for you) I basically told you what the book was about in that little blurb at the start. There is a bit more detail inside the book, but Bryan Silverbax doesn’t deliver much of a story inside Loggerhead: Bloody Bayou #1. It is all just supremely vague. What should be a simple “monster” book gets a little too jumbled.

To start, everyone mentions something about a big war and a separation of land. The “kids” we are introduced to are all very strange-looking. Some look like elves and orcs, so I thought this might be some kind of fantasy realm. Then there are kids that have mutated body parts. Then they mention something about aliens? It is all just way too unclear.

I am not saying everything needs to be spelled out in a first issue, but at least give me a foothold or something to ground myself in whatever this world is! Also, we don’t really get to know any characters or care about them. We needed at least one person to guide us into the world, and we don’t get that.

Everything just felt odd in Loggerhead: Bloody Bayou #1. Everything was just set up to get to the set pieces of Loggerhead killing these random illegal mineral miners. I guess that is supposed to be significant? It seems all this future tech, wars, aliens, mutations were all just thrown in randomly into the story. It all felt very unnecessary and, honestly, just distracting.


The art fares a little better in Loggerhead: Bloody Bayou #1. Brian Silverbax does the art and coloring, with layouts by Mark Vuycankiat and color flats by Sheryl Rodriguez. My biggest hangup is the characters’ faces are not consistent and just have odd looks to them, especially when any type of emotion is shown. The action does not flow superbly well, and there is no real sense of contact or movement.

The opening shot of the swamp is actually really well done. Great set piece and opening for the book. Tons of great detail in trees, vines etc.; the dark coloring: it all sets a wonderful little mood. Too bad that all doesn’t carry over to the rest of the issue.

Loggerhead, the main giant turtle creature, does look very cool. It is a fantastic design and immediately eye-catching. It seems when Silverbax can just focus on a character or a splash type page and not worry about sequential storytelling his art fares a lot better.

There are some good shots, panels, and pages in Loggerhead: Bloody Bayou #1 but they are few and far between. The art is just too inconsistent and just does not tell an interesting visual story for the book.


Loggerhead: Bloody Bayou #1 is a book that seems focused on two things: Loggerhead looks cool, and this is a gory, violent, “mature” book. It seems to have bypassed any type of interesting story for the first issue. Nothing gets you locked in and wanting to see more of this character, this world, or stories involving them, besides Loggerhead looking cool.

I think the book throws way too many things in with the future war, aliens/mutants, mineral mining, future tech. If you want to tell a monster/horror story with a giant mutated turtle, just do that! Don’t give us all this other stuff to distract us. You can set it in a future world or whatever, but it just feels like it all just took the focus away from what should be a “simple” story.

I mean, I hate to be so harsh, but honestly, if I paid $3.99 for this I would be upset. I mean, there is really nothing here besides a great character design. If you really want to see a giant turtle kill some people then, by all means, grab this. Otherwise, you can probably skip this altogether.

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