Review – Lois Lane #7 (DC Comics)

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Lois Lane #7

Writer: Greg Rucka
Penciler: Mike Perkins
Colorist: Gabe Eltaeb
Letterer: Simon Bowland
Publisher: DC Comics
Maturity Rating: Teen
Release Date: January 1st, 2020

The plots thicken around Lois as all the external and internal forces in her life continue to converge. She seems on the verge of discovering some of the necessary truths, but maybe she will be stopped before that happens. 

The World Seen Through the Eye of a Lens in Lois Lane #7

Though Lois Lane has never really been of secondary importance in the DC Universe, she has also never really been on the front page. There have been a few attempts to put her in the greater spotlight of the DC Universe, but it doesn’t always work.  Readers of comics generally have a preference for tales of superherodom and not investigative journalism. Because of this, while there are many intriguing Lois Lane stories that could be told, many aren’t. This series, thus far, has challenged this notion. The story has more of the feel of a comic from an independent than from one of the “Big 2” publishers. Can Lois Lane #7 keep the momentum going in this gripping series?


Lois Lane #7 (DC Comics) main cover by Mike Perkins
Lois Lane #7 (DC Comics) main cover by Mike Perkins

The storyline so far in this series and here in Lois Lane #7 is strong to be certain thanks to the writing of Greg Rucka. What is more impressive is its lack of hesitancy to offend. In 2010, Marvel made a public apology after indirectly offending a member of the Tea Party. Almost a decade later, DC Comics is throwing this straight in the face of the reader in a no-holds-barred manner. It can be hard to keep straight whoever the U.S. president is supposed to be, either real or fictional. In this case, there can be no question as to who it is, as well as his press secretary, even if they are fictional. This puts real-world problems into the spectrum of what is happening in this series. 

There is a bit of a twist reveal at the end of this issue, though it is not hard to see it coming. What is better is the fact that there is so much going on behind the scenes here. Lois is chasing down leads in Russia and the USA, dealing with corruption. She is also dealing with her husband and a perceived affair with Superman. While it might seem to be unrelated, the fact that it is tying into what is happening in current events also brings into question whether or not it is all related. This issue does seem as though the series is catching its breath while reloading for the second half of the series. Thus, it doesn’t read as gripping as the remainder of the series thus far. All the same, it moves things along as needed. 


The art in Lois Lane #7 is handled by Mike Perkins on pencils and Gabe Eltaeb on colors. The style can be best described as gritty, but a very flashy art style would not aid the story here. The art team thus deserves credit for simply standing out of the way of the story here. A flashier version would not set the right tone. The fact that the art melds into the story is a sign of how strong the art team is. 


Lois Lane was a little bit left behind by the introduction of the Silver Age in the 1960s. Whereas other characters were getting reimagined in a way that made them more accessible to readers, she was still in the middle of her long-running romance comic series. There has, thus, never really been a solid attempt to showcase her for what potential she can deliver. This is really the first series that has ever allowed her to be taken seriously on her own. The fact that it is incorporating so much of the real world into this series makes it even stronger. This is a mainstream DC comic but it has the feel of something that someone might read from Image. Because of that, really, every fan of comics should be reading this series, which looks like it will only get better. 

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