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Love University #1 (Evoluzione Publishing) cover art by Carola Borelli
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Love University #1

Created By: Allison Chaney Whitmore
Writer: Allison Chaney Whitmore
Artist: Carola Borelli
Colorist: Agnese Pozza
Letterer: Justin Birch
Publisher: Evoluzione Publishing
Maturity Rating: Not Rated
Release Date: Expected to ship February 2020

Love University #1 is the first in an all-new series. Have you ever wondered how Cupids learn to do their jobs? Well, wonder no longer.


The Compulsion is Strong in Love University #1

Love University #1 is the first in a bright and charming new series. Have you ever wondered how Cupids learn to do their jobs? After all, matching two people together is a pretty big deal—and is probably not the sort of thing you want to get wrong.

Love University #1 (Evoluzione Publishing) main cover by Carola Borelli
Love University #1 (Evoluzione Publishing) main cover by Carola Borelli

Well, wonder no further, for Love University seeks to answer those questions while exploring what drives us to love. And all while questioning human connections in general. It’s the perfect series to dive into if you’re looking for something light and different. Especially in a world inundated with heavier comic writing.


Love University #1 was a fascinating introduction to the world and its characters. In short order, the readers are introduced to the main characters, the school, the plot, and even some of the potential fissures for later in the series. It was all expertly done.

Allison Chaney Whitmore is the author behind this series, and it’s clear that she spent a lot of time thinking about how to introduce us to the world inside her mind. The pacing was ideal, while the writing itself captured my attention right away. It’s the right balance for a new series.

It felt like Love University #1 kept subverting expectations. First, there’s the plot itself; it’s nothing like you might assume, upon hearing a brief description of it. Then there’s the main character, and the whole subplot surrounding her. It’s all very clever when you think about it.

I was impressed by how they managed to balance so much in the first issue. And I was also impressed by the premise itself. This isn’t a typical tale about cute little Cupids flying all over the place. It’s something totally different. And I just know that it’s going to make for a memorable series.


Love University #1 boasted some bright and colorful artwork to go along with the plot. If you take a peek at the cover of this issue, you’ll get a good idea of what is in store for you. Though there are fewer hearts and more characters strewn about the internal pages.

Carola Borelli is the lead artist for this issue. They’re the one responsible for all of the characters portrayed in this issue—and there are a lot of them. It’s impressive how they were all distinct despite their numbers.

Oddly enough, it is Borelli’s depiction of texture that really captivated me. In the introductions sequence, there are several tents shown in the background. They’re almost lost in the background even—and yet they’re stunning. The fabric shown is beautifully drawn, and I can’t help but find myself hoping to see more excuses for things like this later down the line.

Then there’s Agnese Pozza, who provided the coloring for this issue. I already referenced the bright colors to be found here. Naturally, Love University #1 has a color palette full of pinks and purples. That’s to be expected. But Pozza managed to weave in several other complimentary colors, and in doing so managed to keep the series from becoming too monochromatic.

And finally, let’s talk about the lettering. The lettering in this issue was provided by Justin Birch, and they did an excellent job. There was a decent amount of dialogue in this first issue, and yet it all flowed nicely on the pages. It was exactly what was needed.


Love University #1 was a fascinating start to a memorable series. It quickly proved to be a highly entertaining issue, one that is full of characters and subplots everywhere you look. The complexity already introduced has me excited to see what the rest of the series will have in store.

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