Review – Lucifer S03E10: The Sin Bin

Lucifer S03E10: The Sin Bin

LUCIFER S03E10 The Sin Bin CR Michael Desmond/FOX
LUCIFER S03E10 The Sin Bin CR Michael Desmond/FOX

So there we have it, folks; we’ve just seen the Lucifer midseason finale, and what a ride it was! Kidnappings, roller derby, partnerships, and bombs were all in the same crazy episode. “The Sin Bin” was written by Sheri Elwood and directed by Greg Beeman. In the most typical Lucifer fashion, we got answers but also got a thousand new questions. I swear if I didn’t love this show so much that would annoy me, but the fact is I do love this show, and this was a great midseason finale.

You’re My Partner

This episode was equally wonderful and painful for fans of Chloe and Lucifer, whether it be romantically or just as partners. We start off at Lucifer’s Lux penthouse where there is a party, which included an angel piñata filled with joints and condoms, celebrating the Sinnerman’s arrest. Maze points out that it won’t be as easy as everything seems and that the Sinnerman can still take away things that could hurt him, more specifically his life in LA, his human job, his club, and, of course, Chloe. It strikes a chord in Lucifer, as much as he pretends it doesn’t, and it’s part of why he does everything he does.

Back at the precinct, Pierce is adamant that no one goes in to see the Sinnerman without approval. What follows is a hilarious scene that proves once again Chloe is the only one who has her head on straight. While Lucifer and Pierce are in a pissing match, she goes in to see the Sinnerman, which is where they find out about the newest victim. Lucifer wants to go for the Sinnerman’s plan and take him to where the victim is, but Pierce says no. So Lucifer and Chloe set out on what he calls a fruitless journey.

LUCIFER S03E10 The Sin Bin airing Monday, Dec. 11 on FOX CR Michael Desmond/FOX
LUCIFER S03E10 The Sin Bin airing Monday, Dec. 11 on FOX CR Michael Desmond/FOX

We find out that Chloe is a bit of a roller derby fanatic, and there’s a hilarious and ingenious trick with a beer that Lucifer pulls to catch their running suspect. It’s a wonderful little moment between Tom Ellis and Lauren German as Ellis drops the beer without breaking eye contact with German at any moment. Chloe definitely looks impressed and it’s one of the best smaller moments of the episode. Of course, all it leads to are a car bomb and a dead end, so Chloe agrees to go with Lucifer’s plan.

Like I stated back in “Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith”, I love whenever we get the chance to watch Lucifer and Chloe truly work together and be on the same wavelength. It’s always truly golden. We see a montage of Lucifer and Chloe going through their plans to break out the Sinnerman, something that includes Ella distracting Pierce, charming a bomb tech and of course messing with Dan a little bit. It works out in their favor, but Pierce still figures it out and goes with them.

The girl is rescued and the Sinnerman goes missing, along with Lucifer, but we’ll get to that in the next part. Chloe, on her side of things, is kicking herself for not seeing this would happen. I think that’s exactly what Pierce planned would happen, and if he didn’t, well, it definitely worked out in his favor. We hear about Dan’s Lucifer research again and it finally comes in handy, as they have a list of all of Lucifer’s properties. Chloe realizes which one he is in because that is how well she knows her partner. When they get there Pierce shoots the Sinnerman before he can answer Lucifer’s final question.

What follows is a heartbreaking moment between German and Ellis. Lucifer has learned that the Sinnerman wanted to die and that he needed to do so at Lucifer’s hand. Lucifer himself was the trap, which is what he tries to explain to Chloe. She doesn’t listen to him, but who can blame her, because from her side of things it doesn’t look good. German does a fantastic job of portraying how betrayed and hurt she feels that Lucifer did all of this without her, that he didn’t trust her enough, especially when she trusted him. She thinks he doesn’t care what anyone thinks, but we know that’s not true. He definitely cares what she thinks about him, as you can tell by Ellis’ heartbroken expression.

Speaking to a friend of mine about last’s week’s episode I suggested that perhaps one of Pierce’s endgames was trying to create a wedge between Chloe and Lucifer, and if this is any indication, he is definitely succeeding.

Angels Can’t Kill

LUCIFER S03E10 The Sin Bin Ellis German Welling CR Michael Desmond/FOX
LUCIFER S03E10 The Sin Bin Ellis German Welling CR Michael Desmond/FOX

Going back to the relationship between Lucifer and the Sinnerman we find out a lot of interesting things about the latter and confirm a few things about the former. Lucifer takes the Sinnerman to one of his apartments and then gets Maze to torture him when he gets no answers on his own. But no matter what she does, waterboarding, bamboo to the nails, listening to Nickelback on repeat, nothing seems to work. So Lucifer decides to take matters into his own hands and we’re reminded of a tidbit from season 1: “angels can’t kill humans.”

Maze can’t believe he’d stoop to that level and reminds him what happened to Amenadiel, and that was only murder-adjacent. Lucifer thinks this is the answer to all his problems and thinks he’ll get his devil face back because of it, but Maze reminds him his father will be angry. It isn’t until Lucifer gives her his final reason that she cracks and gives him the knife. Here we get another incredible acting moment from Tom Ellis as his voice cracks when he says “who he might take from me.” We all know he’s talking about Chloe. Because in his own Lucifer way, he’s not just doing this to get answers, but also to protect Chloe.

Killing a human is a line Lucifer has never crossed before and yet he doesn’t seem to be able to cross it this time either. We know the strain that killing Uriel left on his soul, so him killing a human, even one as evil as the Sinnerman, didn’t seem like something he’d do. Because Lucifer is a good man no matter how hard he tries to deny it. And I was proven right in this segment. Lucifer does everything he can to stall killing the Sinnerman despite the latter’s taunts about it–until the point that he realizes that he doesn’t have it in him to kill. He realizes the Sinnerman wanted to get captured by Lucifer, he wanted Lucifer to kill him and Lucifer fell into the trap. We see the wheels start to turn when he sees Pierce kill the Sinnerman.

A Twist of Biblical Proportions

Lucifer knows that he was played and he knows there’s more to the story than it appears, so he tries to find an answer to his burning questions. Earlier in the episode he had noticed Marcus had a particular tattoo on his arm, but the man had ignored him. While looking through the personal belongings of the Sinnerman he finds a very particular photo. One that shows a young Sinnerman with someone that had that very same marking on his arm.

He calls Pierce to meet him at Lux and the man laughs at his accusations. Pierce had mentioned that perhaps the Sinnerman had an accomplice, but Lucifer discovered that the man was an accomplice and the man pulling the strings was someone else entirely. He proves his point by stabbing him in the chest and waiting for him to come back to life. It’s a great moment because you see Ellis’ portraying Lucifer’s nervousness at getting it wrong, because if he got it wrong, that means he just killed Pierce. But he’s not wrong and Pierce gets up again. And, lo and behold, he’s revealed to be Cain, aka the world’s first murderer.

Like we mentioned before, this opens up a lot of questions. Did Pierce fake his recovery from the bullet? What are his intentions with Chloe (nothing good, I fear)? Is he really trying to break up Lucifer and Chloe’s relationship? What will Lucifer do now that he knows who Pierce truly is? Was he the one that knocked out Lucifer in the season 2 finale and gave him back his wings? Hopefully we find out the answer to these questions when the show comes back in January, but for now, all we can do is wait.


Ella Lopez: It’s like a major class in ass-whup with a minor in whatevs.


Lucifer Morningstar: I’ll take first crack at Helen Killer here.


Lucifer Morningstar: Obi-Wan can’t-see-me is Maggie’s only hope.


Chloe Decker: For better or worse, you are my partner, so I need to have your back on this.


Lucifer Morningstar: You tried waterboarding?

Mazikeen Smith: Twice.

Lucifer Morningstar: Bamboo to the nails?

Mazikeen Smith: Do I look like an amateur?

Lucifer Morningstar: Nickelback on repeat?

Mazikeen Smith: That’s where I started!


Dan Espinoza: Lucifer plants a bomb on my desk and I’m the creepy one?

Chloe Decker: Actually that was me, sorry… the bomb was fake.

Dan Espinoza: Wow okay. Human heads, explosives, can someone send me, I don’t know, a muffin basket next time? That’d be nice.


Dan Espinoza: You are the best wingman ever.


*Speaking of the Cain reveal, I am slightly proud of myself, because I knew the line “he killed my brother” was going to be important. For those who aren’t caught up on Bible studies, Cain was Adam & Eve’s son who murdered his own brother, Abel, because he was jealous of him. Even so, I was still shocked at the reveal. One of my favorite things about this show is how it keeps surprising me.

*Honestly, we should have guessed he was evil when he said he’d read Moby Dick six times.

*I absolutely adored the scenes between Charlotte and Trixie; they were a hilarious breath of fresh air while everything else was drama-filled. And I’m glad Trixie inspired Charlotte to reach out and try to see her children.

*I feel like a devil reveal is right around the corner, but the state of Lucifer and Chloe’s partnership will probably complicate things even more when she learns the truth.

*I loved the Star Wars reference, especially considering The Last Jedi premieres this week.

*No one should ever scream at Ella, and I wanted to hug her in that moment.

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