Review – Lucifer S03E18: The Last Heartbreak

Lucifer Has an Important Realization 

How are we doing today? Did “The Last Heartbreak” break your heart? It certainly broke Lucifer’s! This week’s episode of Lucifer actually saw some progress in the actual plot but failed in some other areas. “The Last Heartbreak” was written by Alex Katsnelson and Mike Costa and they did a pretty good job. It was not a perfect episode, but it definitely hit quite a few of the right notes and moved along the plot.

It hurt my Deckerstar heart, but I knew it had to happen and ironically enough I’m okay with how it’s unraveling? Except for Cain’s reasoning, which we’ll get to soon; that’s still highly messed up and my girl deserves better. We did get fantastic performances across the board, though, and that’s always great. We are entering love triangle territory, people, so put on your seatbelts because it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

Sleight of Hand

LUCIFER S03E18 The Last Heartbreak Tom Welling Tom Ellis FOX aired Mon. Mar. 19 2018 cr. Ray Mickshaw FOX
Tom Welling & Tom Ellis cr. Ray Mickshaw/FOX

So, I mentioned it in one of my earlier Lucifer reviews, but I was the type of person to have Tom Welling posters on my walls. He, along with Milo Ventimiglia, was the main source of love for preteen me during the days of Smallville and the WB. Did I age myself yet? So when I say I am a Welling fan I’m most definitely not just saying that. Marcus Pierce has not been the best character or the best performance. This episode was a change in that.

This episode gives us flashbacks to a case that Pierce solved way back when. We get treated to flashbacks of the girl he seemingly liked and the way he solved a case. He had wonderful chemistry with Fiona Gubelmann, who portrays both Kay and her granddaughter Maddie. At first I was like, great, another attempt at them trying to humanize Cain. That ship set sail when you had the man shoot a gun in Lux and threaten innocent lives. Not to mention we have to deal with the triangle nonsense. And then that final scene happened.

In one scene we get confirmation of what we’ve been saying all along. Cain is manipulating Chloe for his own benefit. All those things he told her? Just his way of telling her what he knows she wanted to hear. Honestly, it’s wonderful work from Welling in a character that had previously been kind of wooden. Cain claims that Chloe is the key, but the key to what? And why do I feel that’s not going to be a good thing for Chloe herself?

My formative years were marked by Welling portraying one of the greatest superheroes known to man. It’s good to know that he’s just as thrilling as a villain.

Different Relationships

Contrary to what others might say about the episode, I think we saw good growth from Lucifer here. He starts out the episode being jealous, possessive, among other things, at the idea of Pierce and Chloe. As he states, there’s only room for one immortal in the detective’s life and that role has been filled. As the case goes on he gets hit with a few unwelcome reminders.

That radio show alone is amazing because we get to see Tom Ellis reacting to everything. At first it’s like he’s only there because he has to be, and then everything hits him. But it’s in a conversation with Dan and with the actual murderer that something finally gets through to him. He can’t make decisions for Chloe; if she wants to date Pierce she’s free to do it.

LUCIFER S03E18 The Last Heartbreak Kevin Alejandro Tom Ellis FOX aired Mon. Mar. 19 2018 cr. Ray Mickshaw FOX
Kevin Alejandro & Tom Ellis cr. Ray Mickshaw/FOX

The conversation with Dan is absolutely incredible. The chemistry between Tom Ellis and Kevin Alejandro is something glorious. Not to mention this particular scene speaks of how far these two have come, not only in their relationship, but also as characters. Can you imagine the Lucifer and Dan of season 1 talking like this? Neither can I. You can tell Dan truly cares about Lucifer and wants to make him feel better about the thing with Chloe and Pierce. He tells him something very wise: they both have a different relationship with Chloe and that’s perfectly fine. It’s one of the things I love about this show—people are allowed to have all kinds of relationships.

Something we have to remember about Lucifer before we get too frustrated with his actions is that this is a first for him. His feelings for Chloe are the strongest thing he has felt in his entire life, and he’s been alive for eons. He also believes that Chloe actually has feelings for Pierce. I feel like if they actually sat down and talked he’d realize that’s not the case at all. Chloe tried to back out of a date with Pierce twice this episode; not to mention that she couldn’t think about things she liked about him. And then she only reached out to him after Lucifer walked away again.

Truth Will Set You Free

Other than the Lucifer and Dan stuff, my favorite scenes were the Charlotte and Amenadiel scenes. I had been waiting a long time to see DB Woodside and Tricia Helfer interact again; it did not disappoint. Amenadiel means well… okay, he’s just eternally clueless about pretty much everything. Which isn’t his fault—that’s also on Lucifer and the rest for, you know, not telling him things. So it should come as no surprise that when he comes face to face with Charlotte he’d mistake her for Mom.

Amenadiel still has a lot of issues to work through. While I appreciate his zen personality change, it can be frustrating to see him repeating the same “you’re my task” drivel. Which why his scenes with Charlotte were so good this week. The scenes touched on his unresolved issues with his mother. After all, he never got the chance to say goodbye. And unlike Lucifer back in “Welcome Back Charlotte Richards,” he never got any closure. So him reacting like this with Charlotte? Makes total sense.

I appreciated Amenadiel telling Charlotte the truth, because at least someone is coming clean. Yes, Lucifer, I am looking at you. I do believe it’s going to come back to bite him in the ass.

Charlotte, on her side of things, is just as clueless as Amenadiel. Which is why this strange dynamic works really well. They’re both very clueless about very different aspects. Helfer is wonderful as she pleads with Amenadiel to tell her how they know each other. If I had been him I would have caved too. Linda thinks that Charlotte is fragile but I believe in her. It’s not going to be easy, but Charlotte will come out on top.

She is Charlotte Richards, after all; she can win at anything.



LUCIFER S03E18 The Last Heartbreak Tom Ellis FOX aired Mon. Mar 19 2018 cr. Ray Mickshaw FOX
Tom Ellis cr. Ray Mickshaw FOX

Ella Lopez: Lucifer, what you and Chloe have is on a total other level.


Chloe Decker: For having this not be your business you’re certainly talking to a lot of people about it.


Lucifer Morningstar: I hate to break it to you, Cain, but there’s only room for one immortal in the detective’s life and that position has already been filled.


Dan Espinoza: Look I get it, I get how you feel with this whole Pierce and Chloe thing. And yes, I admit I did feel a little jealous when you showed up.

Lucifer Morningstar: Well, justifiably so.

Dan Espinoza: But then I realized you had nothing to do with why my marriage ended. You and I are different people; we each have our own relationship with Chloe, once I came to terms with that I was fine.


Lucifer Morningstar: Too bad, if you’d started with him I would have let you swing.


Charlotte Richards: Please, I just.. you don’t understand what it’s like not remembering what you did. Not knowing who you were. All I want is the truth.


Lucifer Morningstar: You don’t get to decide who someone wants to be with…and neither do I.



*Didn’t talk about the Maze plot up there because I have no nice words to say about it. I don’t even have moderately nice things to say about it. I have no clue what they’re doing with Maze this season. And Maze would have never hurt Trixie like that. Anyone else? Sure, but not Trixie.

LUCIFER S03E18 The Last Heartbreak Tom Welling Aimee Garcia FOX aired Mon. Mar. 19 2018 cr Ray Mickshaw FOX
Tom Welling & Aimee Garcia cr. Ray Mickshaw/FOX

*Lucifer can apparently categorize Chloe’s sighs and looks and that’s adorable. Almost as soft as the way he held her in his arms.

*I had missed Joshua Gomez on my tv, so it was great seeing him this week. Yes, I still miss Chuck as well.


*Can the writers stop using Ella for their Marclo purposes? She deserves better than to be the spokesperson for that. Especially when it’s a clear case of telling and not showing.

*I think every woman who’s ever wanted to reject a second date with a pushy guy has felt the way Chloe has in this episode.

*When Lucifer figures out that Cain is manipulating Chloe? He better watch his back, because hell hath no fury like the devil trying to protect his girl.


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  • Great review!! You articulated everything that I felt in this episode, except for the Pierce role. I still didn’t see it in this epsiode either. It is just not there and why they continued to run with it , I will never know. Also the Ella comment was spot on. At this point every time she says something about that relationship now, I get very irritated, it’s insulting.

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