Review – Lucifer S03E19: Orange is the New Maze

This Week’s Lucifer Breaks Everyone’s Hearts

Remember how I made a joke about how Lucifer’s heart broke in last week’s review? I want to go back in time and slap that version of me. Because that episode was nothing compared to the pain Lucifer, and we, endured in this episode. When Lucifer delivers, it delivers. “Orange is the New Maze” was a mighty fine episode and writer Jenn Kao ought to be very proud. We are blessed with such a phenomenal group of actors in this cast, but this time the actresses took the lead. Lesley-Ann Brandt, Tricia Helfer, and Lauren German shone the brightest during this wonderful episode.

I’m Not Crazy

Maybe I’m a broken record but, as you lovely readers know, I love Charlotte Richards. Every episode that goes on reminds me of why I love her so much. It turns out the truth that Amenadiel told her last week wasn’t the full truth, more like the human version of it. Charlotte, being Charlotte, knows there’s more to the story.

She tells Linda about how Amenadiel told her he was her stepson and Linda advises her to let it be. Of course, Charlotte is going to dig further into the story. Which leads her to Lucifer. We hadn’t really had Tom Ellis interacting with Tricia Helfer since “Welcome Back Charlotte Richards” so this was a great scene. Not only because they’ve got great chemistry, but because their facial expressions are priceless.

Charlotte uses a great “mom” voice to get him to finally tell her the truth and he relents. Helfer is hilarious in her expression, as she looks very proud of the fact that she got through to him. Lucifer gives her a Cliff Notes version of the Mum storyline of season 2 and her expression changes. Let’s just say that’s a lot of information to get in under five minutes. Lucifer walks away and Charlotte is left even more confused than ever. And, sadly the most logical explanation is that what he is saying is true and she did go to Hell. But, she thinks if she believes that she is insane.

She confronts Amenadiel about it and we get some stellar acting from Helfer when she explains her fear of being crazy. The brothers realize both of them kind of made the situation worse and so they call her to Lux. There, we welcome one more person to the “in the know” club as Charlotte Richards gets shown Lucifer’s wings. We get a wonderful moment as Helfer states “I’m not crazy” when looking upon the wings. And they actually look beautiful for once.

It’s a Demon’s World

Lucifer S03E19 Lesley-Ann Brandt aired Mon 26 Mar 2018 cr Erik Voake FOX
CR: Erik Voake/FOX

Without a doubt, Lesley-Ann Brandt is this episode’s MVP. I know I wasn’t a fan of her arc last week but this more than made up for it. Anyone who has seen this episode can tell you that this was her episode. We had seen hints of her enormous talent in earlier eps but this just blew me away. Where is her Emmy?

This show focuses a lot on the misconceptions we have. Lucifer is the devil so that means he’s evil, Maze is a demon so she’s wicked. Throughout the course of three seasons we’ve learned that Lucifer is not evil, he punishes evil. This ep focused on the misconceptions of Maze.

Here we don’t see a Maze who is evil or only wants to hurt people. We see a Maze who is hurting, badly. She wants to go back home to hell because she believes it will hurt less. She’s been hurt and betrayed by the people she cared most for. Brandt takes us on a heartbreaking ride from the start of the episode towards the end of it. This episode doesn’t show us Maze as an evil demon but rather as someone who is in a lot of pain.

We missed the friendship between Chloe and Maze that was so prominent in season 2 so it makes perfect Lucifer sense to bring it back only to break us completely. The scene in the winery is one of the three most heartbreaking scenes in the episode. Lauren German and Brandt are truly incredible together. There is no dry eye in the house as Chloe pleads with Maze telling her how much she means to herself and to Trixie. But it’s too late and Maze walks away leaving her relationships fractured.

I’ve Lost Her

Dan Espinoza is a pure soul and I don’t want to hear anything about it. He’s also apparently the only person who understands the Deckerstar connection. He understands that they are a package deal you can’t have one without the other. This episode deals with Lucifer finding out that Chloe is dating Pierce. And yet it was a testament to how in sync Lucifer and Chloe are. Not to mention it might have been painful but I bet the payout will be great.

Lucifer S03E19 Tom Ellis aired Mon 26 Mar 2018 cr Erik Voake FOX
CR: Erik Voake/FOX

Pierce is using Chloe for whatever nefarious purpose, Chloe is using Pierce to forget Lucifer and Lucifer is just suffering in the background. Throughout the episode, it was like Chloe was trying to convince herself that she definitely did not have feelings for Lucifer. Which we know is a lie considering how Chloe’s face lights up whenever she talks about him.

Sure, Chloe ends up taking off the necklace that Lucifer got her, but that’s okay. Chloe doesn’t know that Pierce is manipulating her and it’s logical she’d want the relationship to work. Plus we know Lucifer is going to end up putting the necklace back on her neck and that’s going to kill all of us. Lauren German’s portrayed Chloe’s conflicted emotions perfectly. She wants to give Pierce a chance but she doesn’t want to hurt Lucifer either.

Lucifer, on his side of things, is trying to deal with his emotions regarding the new development. He asks her about the relationship, pointing out all of Pierce’s negative qualities, and looks slightly happy when she says they haven’t slept together. Tom Ellis destroys us as he watches Chloe leave on Pierce’s motorcycle. He’s heartbroken, and so are we, but I just have one thing to say to him: stop throwing yourself a pity party and go fight for your girl.

No One Puts Me First

The scene between Lucifer and Maze in his penthouse is one of the most heartbreaking scenes in this show. Major props to both Ellis and Brandt because they both kicked it out of the park.

First, we have Lucifer apologizing to Maze because he thought she was manipulating him and we know how he feels about that. He still won’t take her to Hell, though, not just because of the possible repercussions, but because he’d miss her. We’re reminded of the long history between these two and that despite everything they’re still very loyal to each other. Lucifer doesn’t want to lose Maze when he’s just lost Chloe. Is it selfish? Yes, but it’s also very human.

Of course Maze breaks when he admits to the fact that he just lost Chloe. And understandably she thinks that he only wants her around when Chloe isn’t there. Maze isn’t wrong in what she tells him: Lucifer has never put her first.

But in his defense, I don’t think Lucifer realizes it? It’s not that Chloe matters more than Maze but rather that Chloe matters more than anyone. Lucifer puts Chloe above even his own safety. So it’s not that he’s trying to be cruel, it’s just the way his mind works.

Like we said earlier, Maze isn’t wrong. Your heart breaks as Brandt’s voice cracks when she tells Lucifer that no one puts her first. This goes back to even season 1 when she tells Lucifer and Amenadiel that they both used her. Brandt is masterful as she breaks down about the fact that she’s always the afterthought, and then in a second, she’s back to being vengeful. She tells him none of them deserve her and walks tall out of the apartment.

Because Mazikeen Smith is no one’s consolation prize.


Chloe Decker: Now you believe me?

Lucifer Morningstar: Now I believe you.


Lucifer S03E19 Aimee Garcia Tom Ellis aired Mon 26 Mar 2018 cr. Erik Voake FOX
CR: Erik Voake/FOX

Security guard: A Lopez hug? I’ve heard about those too. Must be my lucky day.


Chloe Decker: Lucifer gave me this as a joke. He says it’s the closest I ever came to penetrating him because we’ve never… had sex… it was funny at the time.


Lucifer Morningstar: Let’s end this dilly-dally. I really am the devil, my brother Amenadiel is a former angel. That time you thought you survived being stabbed by your junior associate? You didn’t. You died and your soul went straight to hell. Your empty body became a vessel for my real Mum, the Goddess of all Creation, until her celestial light started bursting out of your midsection. Naturally I sent her to another universe so she wouldn’t destroy this one. Once she vacated your body, you, Charlotte came back to life. Right? There we are, all caught up.


Dan Espinoza: All I know is that they have a real connection. They’re a package deal now. It’s like, say you fall in love with a woman who has a cat. What you gonna do? You accept the cat because she’s worth it. Lucifer’s the cat.


Lucifer Morningstar: That’s what I want, I suppose, isn’t it? Her happiness. I just wish I knew that Pierce’s intentions are pure.


Charlotte Richards: This is… real… that means that… I’m not crazy.


Mazikeen Smith: I’m always going to be the consolation prize for you. You only care about me when you don’t have Chloe.

Lucifer Morningstar: Maze, now hold on, that’s…

Mazikeen Smith: No, no one puts me first. Least of all you. None of you deserve me.


*I still really love Dan’s cat analogy because Lucifer is a lot like a cat. Also, Dan deserves more screentime because Kevin Alejandro is the greatest. 

*Ella is such a good friend and I love her sibling-like relationship with Lucifer. Between her trying to make him feel better and Lucifer taking the shock blanket from the actual victim to put it on Ella, it’s just beautiful.

*The wings looked like real wings and I am just really shocked because it’s the best they’ve looked all season.

*I’m so glad that Charlotte knows, but can Chloe be the next one to find out? Come on, it’s time.

*That final scene is basically Cain going “Hey if you hadn’t gotten the memo before now I’M EVIL.”

*Maze said no one puts her first, but we have Linda giving up Amenadiel for Maze, so is anything going to come from that?

*When is Cain dying? Can he stop manipulating my girl already?

*Lucifer is so close to figuring out that Cain is manipulating her… You’re so smart, my dude, just a bit farther and you’ll get there… He gets angry about someone manipulating him? But manipulating Chloe, oh, he’s in for it. 


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