Review – Lucifer S03E22 “All Hands on Decker”

During This Week’s Episode, Lucifer Does Chloe While Dan Does Lucifer 

It’s the bachelorette party from hell and a murder because of puppies in this week’s Lucifer. The writers are definitely living up to their promise that the last episodes are impressive. The episode, “All Hands on Decker” was written by Sheri Elwood and directed by Eduardo Sanchez. It was a joy, for the most part, and features a lot of hilarity from the likes of Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, Tricia Helfer and of course Aimee Garcia. We’ll explore Douchifer again, the Tribe has another night out and Chloe makes a big decision.


Lucifer - All Hands on Decker - FOX
Lucifer – All Hands on Decker – FOX

While Lucifer tries to understand Chloe’s decision, last week’s #TeamLucifer is on a mission; a mission to break up Pierce and Chloe. Amenadiel tells Charlotte they need to try a different angle, and so they agree to divide and conquer. Charlotte is truly brilliant and, other than Douchifer, is this episode’s MVP. She gives Amenadiel the idea to talk to Pierce and try to get into his head while she works on Chloe. After all, if anyone knows how Pierce must be feeling it’s Amenadiel himself.

Amenadiel meets up with Pierce in Lux and in what he calls the immortals turned mortal club. The point of it all is to freak out Pierce by talking about how short life can be for mortals. How it can all end in the span of a second, every moment could be your last. I do love when DB Woodside gets to be devious because he does it so well.

Charlotte’s job is slightly easier because we know Chloe isn’t in love with Pierce. All she needs to do is get Chloe drunk and questioning her choices, which definitely happens. Charlotte turns it up a notch by mentioning that this is the second guy from the office she’s marrying and the divorce rate in LA.

The best Charlotte scene, however, is without a doubt the last one. Dan appears at her apartment and finally admits to what he wants. He wants her, he wants them, he’s all in, and I have a feeling this is the first time Charlotte has had that. This scene is beautiful, and the chemistry between Kevin Alejandro and Tricia Helfer shines. Charlotte gives Dan a very soft smile when she agrees to actually have a relationship. They kiss and my heart soars because if anyone deserves happiness it’s these two.

Tribe Night Take 2

Let’s be honest here, lady friendships are the best kind of friendships. The writers found a goldmine in the tribe back in season 2, and we got treated to some wonderful scenes with them. All of these women, with the exception of maybe Maze (because who knows what is going on with her), care about each other and care about Chloe.

Ella has been weird lately in her pro-Pierce stance, especially because it seems out of character for her. It’s like she’s just been a mouthpiece for the writers rather than an actual character. In the episode, we see that she wants Chloe to be happy and so plans to throw her a bachelorette party, as Chloe is the closest thing she has to a sister.

She gives Maze the task of setting up the bachelorette party, but Maze has an agenda of her own. She knows that if Chloe gets drunk, she’ll have second thoughts and that doesn’t fit her plan. So, she plans a bore of a party with no strippers and definitely no booze. Until it gets hijacked by Charlotte Richards herself. Charlotte gets a party bus filled with booze and a water polo team to be the strippers. Linda makes out with a cute polo player, Maze gets angry and Charlotte plants those wonderful seeds of doubt.

When Maze kicks out the strippers and almost throws down with Linda, Ella decides to break things up. She gets everyone but Chloe out of the bus and tries to salvage the bachelorette party from hell. Ella tries to get them all to get fake tattoos together as a bonding experience, which accidentally reveals to Maze that Pierce lied about his mark and so Maze storms off. Just as the women realize the bus has taken off with Chloe inside, bringing an end to the night.

In Your Shoes

Lucifer - All Hands on Decker - Fox
Lucifer – All Hands on Decker – Fox

The Lucifer writers have blessed me once again with a Douchifer episode. Douchifer refers to the relationship between Dan and Lucifer. It was just as iconic as I thought it would be. Chloe takes time off to deal with wedding stuff, so Lucifer is paired with Dan on a case. It’s a wonderful callback to season two’s “My Little Monkey” which was their first case together.

Lucifer is trying to figure out why Chloe said yes to Pierce so, just like in “My Little Monkey”, he decides to walk a mile in her shoes so to speak. Earlier in the season, “Chloe Does Lucifer”, Chloe was trying to be Lucifer; here it’s the other way around. Lucifer also hilariously decides that Dan has to pretend to be him because every Chloe needs a Lucifer. We get treated to hilarious hijinks like Dan trying the desire trick and failing, Lucifer bursting in with SWAT and becoming a dog-dad for an hour.

We see a real camaraderie between the two as they have an important conversation about the women in their lives. Lucifer calls out Dan for not telling Charlotte what he wants, and Dan tells Lucifer he’s afraid of what Chloe’s answer would be if he asks. The two truly step into the characters shoes because Dan keeps disappearing a la Lucifer, and Lucifer finally understands how frustrating that is for Chloe.

Kevin Alejandro and Tom Ellis’ easy chemistry made this episode a true delight to watch. It’s their final scene that makes the episode what it is. In the midst of Lucifer reprimanding Dan for being unreliable, something clicks. Ellis plays the moment of realization masterfully, with Alejandro reacting as the supportive friend. At that moment, Lucifer truly understood how Chloe felt and why she might have gone looking for someone else.

Is He Everything to You?

This is the wildest episode in terms of Chloe’s characterization. Things are off from the start. I mean, getting engaged after 3 weeks is bad enough but planning a wedding 3 weeks after it? Madness.

Thankfully we finally get a response as to why Chloe has been acting so Un-Chloe in the last episodes. Is it good enough? Not quite because the writers still put Chloe in an abusive relationship, but it does help with perspective. We understand that Chloe never had the big wedding, as she and Dan just went to the courthouse. Thanks to the conversation she had with the bus driver, portrayed by the wonderful Aloma Wright, we finally see where her head is at.

Here is one of the biggest problems of this season. This shouldn’t have happened for us to finally get to see Chloe’s POV. She is our leading lady after all; we should get to see her POV as much as Lucifer’s. She jumped into the relationship with a seemingly reliable guy, the safe choice. Because that’s what she thought she should do, it’s what she should want.

She wanted to be a different person, someone who could be impulsive and spontaneous, I think it was a coping mechanism. Maybe that way, she could avoid getting hurt. That way, she could ignore the fact that she’s in love with a guy who confuses her every five seconds. Lauren German portrays the emotions Chloe is feeling perfectly, and your heart goes out to her. When our lovely bus driver asks her if her current fiancé is her everything, Chloe has her answer. I bet you the man who came to mind when the question was asked was definitely not Pierce.

She breaks up with him that same night and we finally see the real Chloe emerge.



Lucifer Morningstar: “Happy we’re on the same side for once.”


Dan Espinoza: “Looks like it’s you and me, Lucinda.”


Ella Lopez: “The bitch is innocent.”


Charlotte Richards: “All I have to do is water the seeds of doubt.”


Ella Lopez: “I can’t believe Maze legit hijacked my bachelorette party.”


Charlotte Richards: “You mean Chloe’s bachelorette party.”


Ella Lopez: “That’s what I said.”


Lucifer Morningstar: “Oh, there you are. Typical. You leave me with the paperwork and run off alone no thought of danger, no thought of protocol.”


Dan Espinoza: “You really don’t see the irony do you?”


Lucifer Morningstar: “All I see, Daniel, is that I can’t rely on you as my partner. So, perhaps I should find someone steady, someone responsible, someone who can actually be there for me…… oh, I get it now.”


Dan Espinoza: “I never told you what I want. I want you, all-in, the whole deal.”



*I personally agree that Lucifer calling Chloe “detective” is endearing. Lucifer knows that Chloe is more than her job.

*This was one of the few times in this season when someone other than Lucifer says the episode title.

*I find it very interesting that in an episode where they had very few actual scenes together, the Deckerstar is as present as ever. After all, they did ironically spend the episode mimicking each other. Chloe was channeling her inner Lucifer in the bus, while Lucifer was channeling Chloe during the case.

*Despite the context surrounding it, I would definitely get Charlotte to plan my bachelorette party.

*Kevin Alejandro was on point in his Lucifer impression. I mean, he even got the dramatically turning on the light with a scotch in hand.

*I have to say it, saying that Chloe was feeling spontaneous is not an excuse for OOC writing. And, there was a bit of lampshading this episode. Let’s try not to do that.

*Remember to tweet along with the episode airing! We can’t do much about the ratings without those pesky Nielsen boxes, but we can tweet. Tweeting is something every fan can do, regardless of geographical location. And remember to use the #RenewLucifer hashtag.


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