Review – Lucifer S03E23: Quintessential Deckerstar

Characters Growing in Lucifer

This is the Lucifer I love. This episode was mostly perfect and I was just in awe of it the entire time. Ildy Moldrovich wrote a spectacular episode called “Quintessential Deckerstar”, and frankly it was also a Quintessential Lucifer episode. In this episode, we get our characters back in character, not to mention Lucifer and Chloe are finally on the same page and Charlotte shows how much she’s grown.

Back to Normal

Lucifer: Quintessential Deckerstar - Fox TV
Lucifer: Quintessential Deckerstar – Fox TV

When you name an episode after a ship name and add the word Quintessential to it, there are certain expectations that come from that. Even if you’re trying to keep expectations low, there’s no way to avoid them. Well in terms of Deckerstar, this episode definitely exceeded them.

Lucifer wants to get back to normal, how they were before Pierce happened. He does so by trying to recreate all of their moments, their first meeting, the first time they played piano together (a personal favorite of mine), playing monopoly, smoking weed at a crime scene and of course their dance. In his own Lucifer way, it was what Lucifer considered to be the greatest hits. He had good intentions but let’s just say it backfired on him.

Lucifer had a really important revelation at the end of the last episode, so this new antic was slightly weird. I mean I found it endearing and like, ‘oh you adorable dumbass, just use your words’ but the timing was strange. Of course, Chloe isn’t completely on-board with it, even if she kind of finds it endearing too. Chloe realizes that you can’t go back to normal though, too much happened for that. We got a phenomenal scene with Ella and Chloe, in which Lauren German and Aimee Garcia shined. Chloe admits what we all knew, that the Pierce relationship was really about Lucifer. Ella apologizes for not realizing the turmoil her friend was in. This is the Ella Lopez I love and I’m glad she’s back.

Chloe and Lucifer can’t go back to normal because their normal has changed multiple times. They have to finally move forward, and the only way to do that is to go through the pain and put everything out there in the open.

Redemption Song

We see Dan and Charlotte in bed together being absolutely adorable. We hear children’s voices and see Charlotte’s kids in the kitchen. Dan is going to help them make waffles and it’s like we said, adorable. But then someone comes in and shoots everyone and we realize this is just another of Charlotte’s nightmares. She wakes up terrified as Dan tries his best to comfort her.

This episode was truly a testament to how much Charlotte has grown as a character. She plays an active part in this week’s case and we get treated to wonderful key moments with Charlotte and the rest, especially Amenadiel and Chloe. Charlotte knows their current suspect is the bad guy because she saw him in her hell loop but it’s not like she can say that, she needs proof. She gets Amenadiel‘s help and goes back to her old law firm.

We get an extraordinary scene of Charlotte calling out her old partners for the work they do. The way she tells Ben that God is not on his side is cathartic. All while Amenadiel is copying the information they need. They get that information to Chloe, and between them, they manage to get the bad guy to confess. So they solve two crimes at once, so to speak. We see how much the relationship between Chloe and Charlotte has improved. At the start of the season, Chloe didn’t believe in her, now she’s thanking her for helping solve the case.

The talk Amenadiel and Charlotte have about tiny victories is so important. As humans, we’re always looking forward to the big moments, the big events but it’s always important to celebrate the small ones too. You got out of bed this morning, you wrote 10 more words, those are all important too. Of course, that makes what happens afterward all the more tragic.

Not to Me

Lucifer: Quintessential Deckerstar - Fox TV
Lucifer: Quintessential Deckerstar – Fox TV

I don’t think there are enough words in the English language to describe just how much I loved this scene. It was one of the moments fans have been waiting for since forever. Lucifer and Chloe finally admitted their feelings for each other to each other. Tom Ellis and Lauren German are both incredible in this highly moving and emotional scene.

I love that the scene starts with Chloe playing Heart and Soul, Priest Walks in a Bar is my ultimate favorite Lucifer episode. This has been a season of realizations for Lucifer, especially in the last few episodes. He realized that Chloe has chosen him and has kept choosing him over and over. The choice is a big deal for Lucifer; it was the reason he backed out of a relationship with Chloe last season because he thought she didn’t have a choice.

Here, he realizes that Chloe doesn’t need him to solve crimes but she still wants him around. He tells her his biggest fear, which is that she’ll run scared. He’s afraid that if she sees the darker sides of him that she’ll run off and he’ll be alone again. But Chloe has seen some pretty ugly sides of him, maybe not the face but she has seen the darkness and she still loves him. He knows she deserves the truth, but he doesn’t think the angel side of him is the truth. Hence why he doesn’t show her his wings. He doesn’t want to lie to her and, in his mind, that would be lying to her.

Lucifer calls her Chloe for the first time since the pilot episode and tells her the truth. She tells him that to her he’s not the devil; to her, he’s just Lucifer. Which is part of what makes their relationship so special and poignant. They kiss and it’s absolutely beautiful and filled with so much emotion, it takes your breath away.

In the Fridge

As happy as I was in the Deckerstar portion of this episode, what happened to Charlotte destroyed me. 2 hours after I’d seen the episode I was still crying so that tells you about my mental state. Was it Buffy, Grey’s Anatomy, or Game of Thrones that made this whole “let’s kill a character” for shock popular? Let’s face it, it’s an overused trope.

Why do female characters always get fridged? This isn’t just on the Lucifer writers but on all tv writers. If you want to learn more about Women in Refrigerators you can read here. I’m sad about it, I get the narrative view but it’s still heartbreaking. Charlotte Richards was an incredible character. She worked hard, she was trying to be a better person, her life was finally on the right track. She even had a loving relationship with Dan, which we didn’t even get to enjoy. Because then the world’s first murderer killed her.

The only thing that makes me feel better is that it wasn’t just a random death. It was a beautiful death that Tricia Helfer and DB Woodside portrayed magnificently. Having Charlotte risk her life for Amenadiel’s after how selfish she’d been most of her life? The way they speak of redemption and how she asks him to stay with her, and then he promises he will. After all, this show was always marketed as a show about redemption and forgiveness. I choose to believe she’s in heaven because she deserves it.

The second most heartbreaking part was both Kevin Alejandro and Lauren German’s reactions when they find the body. German just falls in Ellis’s arms because her friend is gone. The way Alejandro cradles the body of the woman he loved in his arms and just cries? It’s powerful and heartbreaking.

But I still believe Charlotte Richards deserved better.


Lucifer Morningstar: “That is Quintessential Deckerstar.”


Amenadiel: “Hope in the face of hopelessness.”


Charlotte Richards: “Maybe we’re not so different after all.”


Chloe Decker: “It could be torture working side-by-side with somebody that you have feelings for, especially if you have to deny those feelings. Squash them, it can be unbearable.”


Charlotte Richards: “You’re just as guilty as the criminals you represent.”


Delivery Guy: “You’re Dan Espinoza?”

Lucifer Morningstar: “How dare you?”


Chloe Decker: “I’m not sure Lucifer is the authority on what women want.”


Chloe Decker: “No, I don’t think any of this is really about Pierce, think if I’m honest with myself all this is about Lucifer. Lucifer is the reason that I said yes to Pierce, and he’s also the reason that I said no.”

Ella Lopez: “I got so caught up, I forgot to check in with you like really check in with you.”


Lucifer Morningstar: “If you don’t need me, then we’ve been working together all this time because you want to. Because you choose to. You did choose me. You were right. I’ve been trying to go back to the way things were, playing our greatest hits because I’ve been avoiding dealing with things in the present… Like, how I feel about you. I was afraid. Afraid that you’d want me because you’d only seen certain sides of me. That if you saw all of me, knew all of me, then you would run away.”

Chloe Decker: “Lucifer…”

Lucifer Morningstar: “Detective, its true.”

Chloe Decker: “No.”

Lucifer Morningstar: “The other side of me is bad. It’s monstrous, even. But you wanted the truth, and you deserve the truth, but right now I can’t show it to you so I’m just going to have to tell you. Detective, Chloe, I am the devil.”

Chloe Decker: “No you’re not, not to me.”


Amenadiel: “Let’s go home.”


*Tricia Helfer is incredible, and she did a phenomenal job as both Mum and Charlotte Richards; she will be sorely missed. 

*This means we’re getting the reveal next week right? It’s time. I still think that he’s going to have to use his wings to save Chloe.

*Lucifer looked so proud of his baseball metaphors. How much fun did you all have coming up with those?

*Honestly, Linda deserves a million raises.

*Amenadiel’s theory is very interesting, and I definitely agree with parts of it. Hope we get an answer about it in the finale. Speaking of Amenadiel, was this a send-off for him as well? If so, this was a gorgeous send-off for him. 

*Dan and Charlotte were so happy, why did you do this to them? He got her a waffle iron! Dan is truly the best. Seeing the waffle bracelet on Charlotte’s wrist broke me, just so you all know.

*We saw back in season 1 that angel wings heal wounds, and if one of Lucifer’s healed Amenadiel’s wound from a hell-forged knife, then I’m sure Amenadiel’s could cure a simple gunshot. And why didn’t he stop time?

*Yeah, I think I’m in the bargaining stage of grief.

*I am wondering where this quality was for most of the season. But I’m almost certain I know why it was missing, *cough* Cain plot. 

*I’m glad Maze is back on the right side, but right now I’m like…is it too late? I hope she at least tells the group that Cain is behind it all.

*I truly cannot wait for part 2 of this finale and to see Cain finally bite the dust.

*Please remember to call, email or tweet at Fox to #RenewLucifer. If you can please watch it on Fox Live or on Hulu!


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