Review – Lucifer S03E24 “A Devil of My Word”

Is This the End for Lucifer?

Have you ever come across a perfect hour of television that you kind of want to rewatch over and over for eternity? That, my friends, is how I feel about the Lucifer finale. I don’t really give perfect scores in reviews but holy hell (pun intended) this deserved it. Showrunner Joe Henderson is a mad genius, for real. Henderson felt really bad about the fact that this episode ends with a cliffhanger (given that Fox canned the show). I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to apologize for a single thing because this was incredible. The writing, the editing, the music, the acting and yes the cliffhanger.  Everything is glorious.

The only one I’m mad at is Fox.  You can’t give me an episode as perfect as this one and then take it away. That’s just mean. So I sincerely hope someone, anyone, rescues this phenomenal show. For anyone reading this: I recommend you sit back and enjoy because this might be a long read, but the episode deserves it.

Grief and Power

LUCIFER S03E24 A Devil of My Word - air date May 14 on FOX - Kevin Alejandro - photo credit Jordan Althaus FOX
Kevin Alejandro in LUCIFER S03E24 airing Monday, May 14 on FOX. CR: Jordan Althaus / FOX

There’s no doubt everyone brought their A game to the finale. But if we’re being truly honest here Kevin Alejandro and Tom Ellis were glorious. They definitely raised the bar. One of the parts I loved the most about this episode is that they let Dan grieve. A lot of shows don’t do that. Here he can grieve the woman he loved.

Dan was not in a good place, but he soldiered through it. The scene of him walking into Charlotte’s apartment broke my heart. Diane Birch’s “The End” is playing in the background and just like Dan, we’re caught up in the emotions. There’s lipstick still on the mug, paperwork all around the apartment, their sheets are crumpled, and of course in the kitchen is the waffle maker. Kevin Alejandro is phenomenal as he throws the waffle maker into the table crushing it. This allows him to find the file on Pierce that sets the tone for the episode.

The way Alejandro handles the scene of him interrogating the goon? It was absolutely insane and powerful! He is giving the speech while at the same time cocking the gun that was used to murder Charlotte. It gave me chills.

Speaking of chilling performances, let’s talk about Tom Ellis’ acting in that final sequence. His acting throughout the episode was incredible but that sequence is something else. He makes you truly believe that moving his bloody wings hurts him even though you know it’s CGI.

There’s the glee throughout every interaction with Cain because he knows he’s going to win. And of course, there’s the way he delivered the title of the episode. That was a truly powerful show-stopping moment. There’s a power that Ellis carries with himself that very few actors are able to achieve and it’s always a true joy to watch.

No Strings on Me

LUCIFER S03E24 A Devil of My Word - air date May 14 on FOX - L-R Tom Ellis Lauren German Kevin Alejandro - photo credit Jordan Althaus FOX
L-R: Tom Ellis, Lauren German and Kevin Alejandro – LUCIFER S03E24 airing Monday, May 14 on FOX. CR: Jordan Althaus / FOX

One of the most delightful moments of this finale is to see how much Lucifer has grown. Lucifer has struggled with the idea of his identity for his entire existence. Is he a devil or is he an angel? I think he’s both. Whenever something doesn’t go well for him he just blames his father. It’s his m.o., as we’ve seen throughout the course of the series.

Amenadiel had an epiphany last episode following a conversation with Charlotte.  They are free to choose whatever they want to do. They are free to see themselves whoever they want to. Lucifer had scoffed at the idea until Amenadiel actually managed to get his wings back. It’s only after the talk with the chauffeur that it hits Lucifer.

His actions have always been his own. He gave himself the devil face because he felt like a monster and in the season 2 finale he was ready to show Chloe in spite of the consequences. Add that to the fact that he’d just saved his mother, preventing a celestial war… well, he was feeling mighty good about himself. So the wings came back, because his perception of himself had changed. This realization reminds us of Father Frank’s convo with him in season 1’s “A Priest Walks Into a Bar” when they talked about God’s plan.

Cain’s mark disappearing wasn’t because of Chloe’s love but because he actually felt guilt for once. There’s been a lot of comparison between the two immortal beings, but the final scene proves that Lucifer is not a monster. Cain deserved to die, and the fact that Lucifer felt that killing—even someone as evil as Cain—made him a monster? It proves he isn’t one.

Lucifer is a good person who had a bit of a setback, but as anyone who’s dealt with insecurities can tell you, that is perfectly normal. The interesting part would have been (or will be, depending on if the show gets saved) how Lucifer moves past that.

We’re OG

LUCIFER S03E24 A Devil of My Word - air date May 14 on FOX - Aimee Garcia - photo credit Jordan Althaus FOX
Aimee Garcia in LUCIFER airing Monday, May 14 on FOX. CR: Jordan Althaus / FOX

Just as the Lucifans are fighting to save our show, the Lucifer family was fighting for one of their own. One of the best aspects of a show like Lucifer is the found family; it’s one of my personal favorite tropes. This show has a very strange but wonderful family dynamic that came out full force.

Everyone is grieving the death of Charlotte, an important member of that family. We see how much she meant to all of them and how her death is what brought them back together to take down their common enemy.

We’ve been waiting since season 1 to see Dan, Lucifer and Chloe truly team up and this episode we finally got it. It’s wonderful to see all their talents put together for a good use. We see how Dan is the one that puts all the pieces together, and the return of the badass detective Chloe Decker. Lucifer goes for a delightful one-on-one with Cain and Ella gets to put those acting chops to the test.

Speaking of our beloved Ella Lopez, Aimee Garcia shines once again during this episode. Ella and Charlotte didn’t have the easiest relationship to start with but they truly cared about each other, which is evident here. It brings us to that beautiful scene between Garcia and Ellis. For once their roles are reversed as Lucifer is the one offering comfort and Ella is the one angry with God.

The way Ella talks with tears in her eyes about Charlotte and how she can’t find a reason for why these bad things happened breaks your heart. Funny how a simple act like putting a necklace under your shirt can have so much meaning. It’s so compelling and so human to see the person with the most faith be the one that loses it.

Getting Technical

I’m a film nerd. I’ve been one since before I made it my specialty for my degree in college. I love looking at the technical aspects of my shows and this episode delivered.

That wing sequence might just one of the most ingenious things I’ve seen on television, and I watch Game of Thrones. Considering they don’t even have an eighth of the budget, that’s pretty good. I know my reviews normally stick to story arc and acting, but I felt it would be remiss of me not to do a section on the editing.

Eagle Egilsson was the director for this episode and he and his team did a truly masterful job. The composition of the editing with the fighting and the music is beyond compare. We got two scenes we obviously need to talk about, and both have to do with wings.

The scene of Lucifer protecting Chloe with his wings is incredible. We see it as a wide shot and then as a medium close-up shot as we get closer and closer and we can feel Lucifer’s pain and anguish. Ellis’ acting is beyond measure as we see how much every bullet hitting his wings is excruciating but he holds on and manages to get them safely out of there.

Then, of course, we have the avenging angel sequence which is up there with “Unsteady” as my favorite sequence in the show’s history. The way Lucifer bursts in through the window with his white wings covered in blood and comes out of the fog is magnificent. The sequence has The Dead Weather’s “Treat Me Like Your Mother” in the background as Lucifer finally unleashes his power and uses his wings to fight against all of Cain’s cronies. It’s beautiful, it’s iconic and we definitely deserve more of it.

The Reveal

Yes, we’ve gotten to that moment, we’re gonna talk about that cliffhanger. This was a long-time coming and if you asked any Lucifan everyone had a different theory of how it would happen, yours truly included. Well, they managed to exceed any and all expectations. We all knew we were going to get either wings or the devil face; well we truly got the best of both worlds.

Why do I say that? Because it’s true. A lot of people had predicted that Chloe on some level knew her partner was actually the devil. We got confirmation of that on the roof while she’s on the phone with Dan and she says, “Maybe I’ve been avoiding the biggest truth.” Lucifer had just saved her using his wings and we see the gears turn in her head. Yes, her partner has always been telling the truth.

Then she goes back into the room where Lucifer has just killed Cain and she gets a different kind of shock. Because, lo and behold, the devil face is back in action. Lucifer turns around and we get to see Lauren German’s impeccable acting with her shocked face, stating, “it’s all true.” The best part is that Lucifer himself has no idea the face is back and Ellis portrays it marvelously as he just lets out a confused “Detective?”

And that is where our season ends and what an ending. We should have connected the dots when Chloe told Lucifer that she was done with the metaphors because that’s exactly what happened with Linda. But it’s so cleverly done that you have no idea the face is coming back until you see Ellis’ face burning on your screen. Where do we go from here though?

For that, we will have to wait and pray to every deity that some other network picks up the show.


Lucifer Morningstar: At least you’ll get to see her, detective, eventually, in heaven. But I? Sadly she’s gone someplace I simply can’t follow.


Chloe Decker: He did it, didn’t he? He killed Charlotte.

Lucifer Morningstar: It appears so, Detective.

Dan Espinoza: And now he’s overseeing the whole damn investigation.

Chloe Decker: How do we take him down?


Chloe Decker: We need to focus on Pierce but when this is all done, you and I are going to talk about everything you’ve been keeping from me.


Dan Espinoza: I need to catch the bastard that killed Charlotte.


Lucifer Morningstar: That’s supposed to spare your life, is it? You wanted my brother dead instead?


Ella Lopez: Hey, we’re OG okay? You ask me to take a leap of faith and I’m already jumping.


Linda Martin: Emotions are hard but that’s why they make you strong and this, this is the strongest I’ve ever seen you.


Mazikeen: Actions are easy for me, that’s why I need to say it. I’m sorry.

Linda Martin: Me too.


Lucifer Morningstar: See, all this time I thought it was Him pulling the strings; I’ve started to realize that we are the responsible parties. It’s quite devious of him if you think about it. We’ve got no one to blame but ourselves.

Ella Lopez: Screw that, I blame Pierce. And Big Guy? You and I are on rocky ground.  


Dan Espinoza: I have stolen evidence, I had someone killed and I never regretted it for a split second. So if you’re wondering would I kill the guy who tried to murder me in my sleep with the gun that killed the woman I loved? What do you think the answer is.


Chloe Decker: You may think that’s what you are, but I don’t see you that way.

Lucifer Morningstar: Lately I’m not sure I do either.


Chloe Decker: Or maybe I do know, maybe I’ve been avoiding the biggest truth this whole-


Lucifer Morningstar: I promised you I would find a way to kill you and I’m a devil of my word


*Only a show like Lucifer could make me cry over a waffle iron.

*Another off-the-charts thing about this episode? The choreography of Lucifer and Cain’s fight.

*Chloe stepping in front of Lucifer and taking a bullet for him? That was everything to me.

*I love how we had multiple instances of these characters protecting each other. Lucifer with his wings, Chloe stepping in front of Lucifer, Maze killing all those goons to get to Linda. Not to mention Lucifer hugging Dan so no one would see Dan freaking out.

*The way Dan’s voice cracked everything he said “the woman I loved” just broke me; Kevin Alejandro is so good. I’m a huge Dan fan and I was so proud of him this episode and wanted to give him a million hugs.

*I take back anything bad I said about how the wings looked because this moment was worth it.

*Just like Dan I will forever miss and love Charlotte Richards. But if she had to die for to episode to happen the way it did, then I can make my peace with that. Not to mention the fact that my girl’s death was the reason Cain is going to rot in hell? Priceless.

*The Laze moment brought all of my feelings back. Lesley-Ann Brandt and Rachael Harris were truly heartwarming. Maze would do anything to protect Linda and Linda will always forgive Maze.

*I loved it but how many times did Chloe say the word metaphor in this episode?

*Just as a personal note: this episode managed to dethrone “A Priest Walks Into a Bar” as my favorite Lucifer episode. Not just because I was right about God not actually pulling the strings. I do want it on the record that I was right about that and about Chloe.

*Still hoping and praying to every celestial force that this show gets picked up—this simply cannot be the end! #SaveLucifer.

*If this is the last episode we get to see then I want to thank the cast, the crew, the writers room and of course showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson for giving us this marvelous show. 


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  • Wonderful review and tribute to this great show and the magnificent last episode. Thank you! #SaveLucifer #PIckupLucifer

  • Thank you for writing this wonderful review. This show was, to me one of the best shows ever on TV. Definitely in my top 5. I was invested in every character. I even loved/hated Cain. I really hope someone picks up Lucifer if nothing more than to give it a proper ending of the series. Maybe a 2 hr movie? 6 episode series? At this point I’ll take anything.

    • You’re very welcome! Honestly to me Lucifer was always a hidden gem… And definitely much better than a lot of what is on tv right now.. I have faith someone is going to pick it up, especially after the #SaveLucifer campaign… Thanks for commenting!

  • Lucifer was the reason I would be home on time for dinner. I’ve been engrossed since the first episode. I EVEN have the ringtone as a reminder!?

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