Review – Lucifer S03E25: Boo Normal

Normal is Overrated in This Week’s Lucifer 

Hello Lucifans! When I wrote the review for “Devil of My Word” I did not think to be back so soon. But I am glad to be back and writing about these fantastic Lucifer episodes. I struggled a lot with whether to do one review for both or two reviews, and I went with the latter.

Mostly because I think they’re both stellar episodes and deserve a chance to shine. Not to mention they’re very different episodes, so in terms of storytelling, it didn’t really fit. This episode was the first solo script for writer Jen Graham Imada and it was a very solid episode.

While the show hasn’t found a new home yet, I still believe that it will. After all, this talented group of individuals cannot go to waste.

Getting back to the episode itself, “Boo Normal” is very clearly a season 4 episode. It didn’t have any of the aspects that dragged down season 3, namely, Pierce. It was hilarious when it needed to be and emotional when it should be. The episode explored family and of course, female friendship, all centered around our beloved Ella Lopez.

Boo Normal

LUCIFER S03E25 - Boo Normal Once Upon a Time - FOX - Aimee Garcia - photo credit FOX
LUCIFER: Aimee Garcia in the Boo Normal/Once Upon a Time bonus episode CR: FOX

Growing up I was a child that had braces, glasses and a speech impediment, not to mention terrible hand-eye coordination. So I spent most of my time reading Greek mythology, Harry Potter and watching Buffy on television. To this day I’m not great at making friends and I still suffer from social anxiety from time to time. So yeah, society’s version of normal? It’s never been my thing.

It’s part of why I relate to characters like Ella. She an incredible human being and probably one of the smartest characters on the show but she still has the fears and anxieties we all do. There’s this idea that society pushes at us: you have to do this and that to be considered “normal” and anything else is uncool.

Let me tell you, being “uncool” and not caring about fitting into boxes? There’s nothing freer than that. Like Azrael says, “Boo Normal.” We all create what our normal is. If your normal is playing the violin, being a furry, seeing ghosts, getting into cosplay, or, you know, dedicating time to and energy to a show about the devil, that’s perfectly okay and no one gets to judge you for it. And if anyone does, well, they’re probably boring and your life is more than likely a lot more fun than theirs.

The point is to be happy with who we are and with the people that surround us. Just like Ella, we all find our people eventually, people who love us and accept us just the way we are. It makes everything worth it in the end.

Just the Way You Are

Both Ella Lopez and Chloe Decker are very important to me; their friendship, even more so. Let’s face it, they kind of got the short end of the stick during season 3 but this definitely made up for it. Ella spends the entire episode trying to come clean to Chloe about her ghost situation. In a way that is very similar to Lucifer himself, but we’ll get to that later.

Chloe spends the whole episode being worried for Ella’s sake because she sees something is bothering her friend. She doesn’t want Ella to move back to Detroit but she doesn’t intend to push her about it. Like a true friend, she aims to respect Ella’s wishes.

LUCIFER S03E25 - Boo Normal Once Upon a Time - FOX - Lauren German - photo credit FOX
LUCIFER: Lauren German in the Boo Normal/Once Upon a Time bonus episode CR: FOX

This episode was very interesting because we’ve seen how Lucifer and Chloe handle cases, and on occasion we’ve seen how Dan handles cases, but we had never truly been privy to Ella’s methodology. Ella apparently likes to go back to the scene of the crime after they get new information, so she can see things with fresh eyes. Just like Ray-Ray points out, Ella really is quite good at her job.

I truly love it when this show decides to mix things around and pair off different dynamics. In the case of Aimee Garcia and Lauren German, this is always a pleasure to see. It’s thanks to Ella that Chloe gets a new lead on the case, which leads to Ella finding the murder weapon. In the end, Ella comes clean to her friend and just as we suspected, Chloe accepts her.

We have to remember that Chloe recently had a crash course on “the Supernatural is real and the man you love is truly the Devil” so this shouldn’t come to any shock. But even if she had still been in the dark, I believe Chloe would have made the same decision.

We’re like Family

One of my favorite aspects of this episode were the callbacks to the earlier Ella episodes, namely “My Brother’s Keeper” and “Vegas with Some Radish.” Aimee Garcia shines brighter than anyone when Ella is given the spotlight. The other thing the three episodes have in common is the slight focus on Ella and Lucifer’s relationship. It’s never been clearer that these two look at each other like family and love each other as such.

It’s clear neither of them has the best relationship with their siblings. Sure, things with Amenadiel have improved in Lucifer’s case, but they’re still not that close. In Lucifer, Ella finds the older sibling that will protect her and defend her, as seen in “My Brother’s Keeper.” In Ella, Lucifer gets a younger sister, one that understands him and loves him for who he is. Tom Ellis and Garcia are wonderful at portraying how much these two care about each other.

What is very curious is their thoughts about Chloe finding out about their specific secrets. They both pretty much share the same fear. Chloe is a rational person who needs proof and they’re afraid she’ll reject them if she finds out the whole truth. But that’s not giving Chloe enough credit. Yes, she’s a rational person, but she’s also a very loving person who would do anything for her friends. We saw her reaction to Ella’s secret in this episode but we have yet to see her reaction to Lucifer’s. Considering this episode is set in season 4, I think we’re in good standing.

After the revelation of this episode, that Azrael basically sent Ella to LA to meet Lucifer, and the knowledge that the aforementioned voices were just Azrael, I think we’re getting closer to Ella finding out the truth. I for one would love it if Ella found out next.

It’s a Brother-Sister Thing

Meeting Lucifer’s siblings is always a pleasure, or, well, almost always (sorry Uriel!). We loved seeing Lucifer and Amenadiel’s relationship grow from the pilot to where they are now. There was always a question about which sibling we would meet next. One particular sibling kept getting mentioned: Azrael, the angel of death. Well, we finally got to meet her and she is lovely. She’s a dorky little awkward and she could not be more perfect.

Charlyne Yi has a wonderfully awkward energy about her that makes her character absolutely endearing. A lot of us suspected there was more than Ray-Ray than meets the eye but it’s not until the final scene that we get confirmation. Azrael is Lucifer’s younger sister, and apparently they used to be quite close. I loved that touch because it’s a difference from the two siblings we had already met (Amenadiel & Uriel).

Tom Ellis is great at playing up the betrayal card, as is Yi in her explanation of why she hadn’t called. It’s a very sibling moment, especially the trying to bond while making fun of a third sibling. Even Lucifer has to concede when she points out that he did kind of start a rebellion. This interaction also tells us a lot about how Lucifer is as a big brother. It fits with what we already knew of him. That even though our boy can be selfish at times, he is also remarkably unselfish. Especially with those he truly cares about.

Azrael explains how she and Ella met and how she didn’t want to say goodbye to her. Ella Lopez is truly that special. I loved the explanation that she sent Ella to Los Angeles not to manipulate Lucifer but because she knew Lucifer and Ella needed each other. It was a truly great moment and I look forward to seeing more of them and how they fix their relationship in the future season 4.



Chloe Decker: I’m trying to be supportive.

Lucifer Morningstar: Well I’m not, don’t you dare go!


Lucifer Morningstar: Crime scenes would be so boring without you.

Ella Lopez: There’s more.

Lucifer Morningstar: There always is.


Ray-Ray: Not to be biased but ghosts are pretty freaking cool and you being able to see them? Makes you extra freaking special.


Dan Espinoza: Are you going to help me or not?

Lucifer Morningstar: Of course, Daniel.

Dan Espinoza: Are you gonna make fun of me all day?

Lucifer Morningstar: Of course, Daniel.


Ray-Ray: You’ve always looked out for everybody but I think you deserve someone looking out for you for once.


Ella Lopez: Chloe is the nicest person ever, okay? She’s all about things that she can see and prove and I don’t think that she’d get it. And the truth is? I don’t want to give her the chance not to.


Ella Lopez: One man’s trash is a forensic scientist’s treasure.


Lucifer Morningstar: Endearing nicknames are reserved for siblings who didn’t abandon me for millennia.


Azrael: I didn’t do it for you; I did it for her, both of you I guess. Since I really couldn’t be with her and I couldn’t be with you. I thought at least two of my favorite people could be together.



LUCIFER S03E25 - Boo Normal Once Upon a Time - FOX - Kevin Alejandro Tom Ellis - photo credit FOX
LUCIFER: L-R: Kevin Alejandro and Tom Ellis in the Boo Normal/Once Upon a Time bonus episode CR: FOX

*Was it just me or was Ella’s signature cross necklace missing? Is that a hint as to where her current relationship with the Big Guy stands or was it hiding under her shirt?

*I truly loved that we got a lot of screentime for Lauren German and got Chloe a story that didn’t revolve around the men in her life. Chloe Decker is her own person and she’s incredible after all.

*I couldn’t dedicate a section to it but I truly loved Dan and Lucifer’s interactions in this episode. From Dan going to Lucifer for help, seeing both of them get duped by a teenager and of course the t-shirts, who doesn’t love the t-shirts?

*I did think it was slightly weird that two grown men called a 14-year-old girl a bitch.

*I don’t know if we’re gonna get it but I’d love a scene with all three of the celestial siblings together.

*It’s very interesting that Lucifer’s siblings are prone to lying when Lucifer himself doesn’t lie.

*I liked that this episode gave us a hint of the dynamics while still leaving things mysterious enough to want more.

*The truest statement in this episode is that Ella makes you feel good about yourself. Well, so does Aimee Garcia and we’re very lucky to have both in our lives.


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