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Lucifer's Knight #1

Writer: John Perry
Artist: Emilio Utrera
Colorist: Emmanuel Jolly Awodola
Letterer: LetterSquids
Publisher: Action Lab
Maturity Rating: Teen+
Release Date: April 1, 2020

Luke Anderson dreams of a demon attacking him wanting his soul. His friends and girlfriend try to console him, and have a secret they must divulge.


“The Devil You Know” in Lucifer’s Knight #1

Lucifer’s Knight #1 from Action Lab follows Luke Anderson, all in all, a pretty regular high school teenager. School is mostly a drag, and it is hard to get through a full day. But he has a great group of friends to hang with and his girlfriend is all-around fantastic. The only thing really plaguing Luke is this recurring dream. A giant demon chases him through a torn-down city, looking to take his soul. The dream is so real, it starts to haunt his days as well. His friends have noticed a change and are trying to help him, but to no avail. It might be time to let Luke on a little secret they have been hiding.


Lucifer's Knight #1 (Action Lab) cover by Emilio Utrera
Lucifer’s Knight #1 (Action Lab) cover by Emilio Utrera

John Perry writes a pretty straightforward opening issue in Lucifer’s Knight #1. We are introduced to our main character and his group of friends. Not much really happens in the first issue besides just getting to know the characters a bit. There are quite a few in here, as Luke has amassed a good group.

The big problem with the issue is we really don’t get to know any of the characters that much. There is no real attachment built up to Luke or anybody in this issue. I wish we could have gotten a little more in-depth with Luke’s life, his friends, and everything going on. It is all more just a quick look at everybody to get the story going.

The story really does not pick up until the final few pages. The last stinger panel is wonderful and honestly, the shocking ending is really the only thing that has me wanting to pick up the second issue.


Emilio Utrera delivers the art in Lucifer’s Knight #1. It is a good, more animated cartooning style. The characters have a bit more comic-strippy type look to them. Much more simple designs to them. The book does lack a lot of background detail, which I am always a stickler for. It just makes the world feel blank and undeveloped. The characters all do look a bit the same, which is a little problem.

Where Utrera excels at is the dream sequences with the demon character. Those panels and pages are wonderfully done. The demon character has this delightfully creepy design. It has this wiry frame with torn wings. It looks terrifying on the pages. There are also some fantastic action sequences in those dream sequences. They are laid out well, but it does not transfer into the rest of the issue.

Emmanuel Jolly Awodola adds some nice coloring design to Lucifer’s Knight #1, adding a nice flat brightness to the series. Awodola plays up that comic-strip type look with the coloring work.


There are some solid ideas in Lucifer’s Knight #1. The premise is good, but the first issue does not really lay it out well. It does not use the pages afforded to them well to build a strong connection to any of the characters or the story. If it was not for the solid last page reveal, which actually shocked me, then I couldn’t really think of a reason to pick up the second issue. Maybe that is the series’ saving grace and the next issue will get us some more character development.

The art, while it does have some solid design work, leaves a lot to be desired. Mainly, for me, in background detail and world-building. Everything is really blank, bland and kind of honestly boring. It just doesn’t help tell the story that much. The dream sequences are extremely well done from a visual perspective and the demon design is fantastic. I just don’t see why that does not transfer into the rest of the story.

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