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Lucifer's Knight #2

Writer: John Perry
Artist: Emi Utrera
Colorist: Jolly Awodola
Letterer: LetterSquids
Publisher: Action Lab
Maturity Rating: Teen
Release Date: April 22, 2020

Luke’s friends and girlfriend have been harboring secrets from him. But not like your normal secrets; more like demons are real, they are trying to eat his soul, and his girlfriend is a demon as well!


Releasing the Demons in Lucifer’s Knight #2

We do not get many new comics nowadays, but Action Lab is still going strong. Today we got Lucifer’s Knight #2. In the previous issue, Luke was living his normal life. He had a great girlfriend and a solid group of friends. Things were going pretty well for him. Except for the vivid dreams of a demon trying to eat his soul! But hey, everything can’t be perfect, right? Well, turns out Luke’s friends have been keeping some secrets.

Lucifer's Knight #2 (Action Lab) cover by Emilio Utrera
Lucifer’s Knight #2 (Action Lab) cover by Emilio Utrera

That dream isn’t actually a dream, as the demon finally came to collect Luke’s soul. He thought he was dead meat until his friend C.J. came with a giant magical sword, slaying the beast! What was happening? How did she know and defeat this hellspawn? Well, the gang lets Luke in on their secret. Demons are real, and Luke’s girlfriend of 2 years, well, she is one!


Lucifer’s Knight #2 picks up right after the end of the first issue, with the shocking revelation that his girlfriend was, in fact, a demon from the underworld. Seems like two years is a long time not to notice that. But that is not the only shocking revelation John Perry delivers in Lucifer’s Knight #2. Luke’s four other childhood friends aren’t normal teenagers, either! It is a pretty cool revelation to start the book off.

I won’t spoil anything and tell you what his other friends are but it is pretty exciting and something I was not expecting. For the rest of Lucifer’s Knight #2 story, it kind of bogs down after that. While I am digging the overall concept of the story, it does not feel very well executed right now.

Even after this second issue, I don’t really feel a connection to the characters or the story. It feels like it is missing a piece to the puzzle. The characters just do not have any appeal to them right now. It still feels like we don’t “know” any of them. Even the main character Luke just kind of feels like he is there. I don’t know exactly what it is, but while I love the concept, it’s just not hitting the right notes for me, story-wise.


The art in Lucifer’s Knight #2 is not really doing the story any favors, either. Emi Utrera again handles the art, and I have the same points as my review of issue #1. I like Utrera’s more cartoony/comic strip type styling for the characters. It fits well and the more animated faces look great. The characters themselves just lack any details that make them unique or eye-catching. They kind of all blend together. Again, the demons do look good and the action sequences look good. Everything else just falls short.

Again, the lack of background details really hurts Lucifer’s Knight #2. The white room they stand around at the beginning of the issue is just kind of distracting. It gives off the feeling of a padded “asylum” room, almost. A lot of scenes have no backgrounds at all. In one scene the buildings look like cardboard boxes. They are just kind of square and formless and colored a cardboard brown.

There is not a lot of coloring work for Awodola to do. There is a ton of white and black in this issue. The only kids that wear colored clothing are C.J. and Derek. Derek’s outfit of purple shorts and orange shirt with purple sleeves is not the greatest thing ever. Their coloring also makes them stand out kind of sorely in this darker world.


I hate to come down so hard on Lucifer’s Knight #2 but the story has good potential, it is just not living up to it right now. The characters are kind of bland and we do not have any real connection to any of them. The art, while not bad, does not help tell the story that well and also is severely lacking in background and character details.

Again, I really like the concept of this series and I still think it could be something good. It just needs a lot of work and some changes made to reach its full potential.

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