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Lucy Claire Redemption #1 (Image Comics) cover B by John Upchurch
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Lucy Claire: Redemption #1

Writer: John Upchurch
Artist: John Upchurch
Letterer: John Upchurch
Publisher: Image Comics (Shadowline)
Maturity Rating: Mature
Release Date: December 11, 2019

The wolves have come back and the greatest werewolf hunter of them all cannot be found—or is she even real? Lucy Claire’s life is in shambles, but can she pick herself up and get back into the fight before all is lost?


Wolves Are at the Door in Lucy Claire: Redemption #1

Lucy Claire: Redemption #1 is a brand new series premiering in Image Comics’ “Shadowline” imprint. We are transported to a world that was once wrecked by werewolves! The battle waged until one ultimate hunter arrived: Lucy Claire! She notoriously tore through the beast with a fury never seen before. She eradicated the beast, or so we thought. But now the wolves are back and Lucy Claire is a mere myth or legend. Some say she is dead, some say she is just a drunk with her life spiraling out of control with the loss of her kids. Maybe the stories are over-exaggerated, or maybe they never happened at all. A group of people desperately need help with the wolves and they are about to find out if the legend of Lucy Claire is real.


Lucy Claire Redemption #1 (Image Comics) cover A by John Upchurch
Lucy Claire: Redemption #1 (Image Comics) cover A by John Upchurch

John Upchurch pens this new series about loss, love, and redemption…and werewolves. Upchurch does a solid job of sliding us right into this story in Lucy Claire: Redemption #1. I was caught off guard how quickly it takes off, but it actually works extremely well in setting up this world and the players. The “Little Red Riding Hood” theme is very present throughout the story and it is a nice play on that fable and characters.

The heart of the story is about a hero, Lucy Claire, coming back from losing it all. Her reputation has fallen off and her life has slowly spiraled out of control, enough to where we meet up with her locked up in the local jail in the “drunk tank”. It is a good introduction to our hero and we get a good bit of information about her. I like the other characters introduced, as well. We don’t get much about them, but I will be interested to find out more about the group that has sought her out further down the line.

I guess the only hang-up storywise with Lucy Claire: Redemption #1 is the tone. I like the general story (I am always interested when werewolves are involved). It just that part of the tone feels like a fantasy book, then horror, action and then comedy. Which is not bad, to have elements of those, but the issue never settles on one. Hopefully this will be ironed out in the next few issues.


John Upchurch also does all the artwork for Lucy Claire: Redemption #1. It is all-around solid sequential storytelling. While not my personal favorite style, it looks good. It does feel a little bit too “clean” and crisp for what is happening, and I am not a big fan of the brighter color usage. But I cannot deny that there is some exquisite detail on the pages and the action scenes have a ton of fun/brutal energy to them.

I like all the human characters’ designs as well. They each look like individuals and you get a lot about who they are just by the way they are dressed and just their reactions to things. The werewolves, on the other hand, I have a bit of an issue with. Everybody who knows me knows I am a stickler about my werewolves!

They are bipedal, which is a plus. They look just a bit too cartoony and animated. For how fearsome and scary they are supposed to be, that does not come across on the pages. They are kept in the shadows for most of the issue, but when they made their appearance it was a bit of a letdown for me.


All in all, Lucy Claire: Redemption #1 is a good start to a new series. I am not 100% sold on it just yet. There is a lot to like in this issue and it has me wanting to read the second issue. I Just have a few hang-ups on art and the tone of the story that keeps me from being all in on this series just yet. But it definitely was not a disappointing read, either.

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