Review – Lucy Dreaming #3 (BOOM! Studios)

Lucy Dreaming #3 Artist/Cover Artist Michael Dialynas
  • Writing - 8/10
  • Art - 8/10
  • Overall - 8.5/10

Lucy Confronts the Ultimate Horror in Lucy Dreaming #3

A gloomy world of darkness and foreboding filled with the souls of the damned and teenage drama. That’s the world that Lucy escapes to in Lucy Dreaming #3. Along with this dark world, readers have “Weremilfs,” an Elder Vampire, and campy dialogue to look forward to this week in the latest installment.


Picking up right where Lucy Dreaming #2 left off, Lucy Dreaming #3 sees Lucy and her friend Wesley deciding what to do with their newly acquired powers. On top of that, Lucy’s mother explains the Storyscape to her. She warns her daughter that there could be negative effects on the real world if certain things happen in the Storyscape. After a clever bickering match between the two, Lucy dreams a dream of horror.

Lucy Dreaming #3 Artist/Cover Artist Michael Dialynas

I thought it was interesting that the tables are turned on Lucy in the Storyscape. She has to deal with a teenager that looks an awful lot like her. While getting to know this other teenager, she has to protect a small village from abominable horrors. All the while, she discovers what’s most important. However, some of the dialogue in the Storyscape was very campy. In fact, there were a couple of moments that Lucy blatantly says what’s going to happen to her. I don’t remember those kinds of moments happening previously. I remember characters stating their motivations. Those moments were usually mocking certain tropes within whatever genre Max Bemis was spoofing. This moment, however, was a little jarring.


That minor nitpick aside, Bemis’s dialogue is great. Lucy Dreaming #3 is a lot more comical than the previous two issues. Wesley and Lucy have a lot of great banter. Everything from expressing concerns about “mommy issues” to calling one another psychotic. There was also an intriguing twist around the middle of Lucy Dreaming #3 that continued to peak my interest in this miniseries. Additionally, in my previous review, I mentioned that I was a little skeptical of the strange science experiment that opened the door to the Storyscape. I mentioned that it made the story less interesting. However, Bemis managed to make Lucy Dreaming #3 very interesting with some new revelations.


Throughout Lucy Dreaming #3, I noticed a subtle shift in Michael Dialynas’s artwork for the real world. Characters and even settings are gaining more and more detail and are appearing less bland. It would appear that Dialynas is making this change due to the fact that things in the real world are becoming more interesting. Not to mention, Lucy is becoming a little more interested in the real world. Thus, as she grows as a character, she becomes more defined. So, too, do her surroundings as she begins to care more about them.

Again, just as in the previous two issues, the art of the Storyscape looks nothing like the artwork for the real world. That’s especially true in Lucy Dreaming #3. Everything from the color palette to the art style changes. The world Lucy visits this time around is much darker, therefore, the colors are horror themed. Previously, readers have seen much brighter colors, but Dialynas displays his array of artistic talents wonderfully in Lucy Dreaming #3.


If you have been reading this miniseries since issue #1, then Lucy Dreaming #3 is a must-read. However, if you have just become interested in the series, then you should definitely go back and get caught up. Lucy Dreaming is a series that should definitely be checked out. If you’re not into the story, then seeing the shift in art styles will keep you interested. Though Lucy Dreaming #3 has a predictable conclusion, it will definitely be interesting to see how the event affects everything moving forward.

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