Review – Lucy Dreaming #2 (BOOM! Studios)

Enter a World of Adventure in Lucy Dreaming #2

Lucy Dreaming #2 continues the fascinating journey of a teenage girl named Lucy as she travels through the world of dreams. Picking up where Lucy Dreaming #1 left off, readers will come to learn how and why Lucy travels between the real world and the dream world.


At the end of issue #1, Lucy met a man in one of her dreams who knew her father. That particular bombshell set up a lot of expectations that Lucy Dreaming #2, sadly, did not meet. Lucy’s dad told her that he had answers. He was not lying, he definitely did.  The answers just were not what I was expecting. Her dad’s answers were still interesting, but it brings up a lot of questions that make the story a little less interesting, in my opinion. However, the majority of the story still feels very fun and fresh. Her dream in this issue makes some digs at teenage/young adult post-apocalyptic fiction. The choice to have the Lucy character develop because of what she experiences in her dreams is an interesting choice. I just hope that her character continues to develop throughout the rest of the miniseries.


Once again, Max Bemis’s writing is excellent in Lucy Dreaming #2. Characters in the real world seem fairly realistic for the most part. That goes for characters in the dream world, too. There really is only one problem with a couple of characters thus far. Lucy’s parents are stereotypical parental archetypes. Granted, this story is about Lucy. However, readers see the events of this story through Lucy’s eyes. In her eyes, they are completely developed. On the other hand, as she grows her perspective should change. One would think that might lead to her parents showing some kind of development.

Lucy Dreaming #2 (A/CA) Michael Dialynas

When it comes to spoofing post-apocalyptic teen/young adult literature, Bemis’s does a great job. All the characters really seem like the types that would be included in those kinds of stories. Even the digs at the main character’s expositional dialogue are spot on.


Michael Dialynas’s art is incredible on this issue, as well. Just as in the previous issue, the real world of Lucy Dreaming #2 is quite basic and dull. Both the colors and the art of the real world is rather minimalistic. His colors rely on blues, grays, blacks, golds, and pinks. However, the dream world is where Dialynas shows off his talent. The art style completely changes once Lucy enters the dream world. Colors become more vibrant and complex. Lines are smoother, presenting perfectly crisp images. It perfectly juxtaposes the two worlds. Furthermore, the art style mirrors the aesthetics and tone of many of the post-apocalyptic teen/young adult stories.


Max Bemis and Michael Dialynas have put together a truly unique miniseries. I hope that it continues to show off Bemis’s talent as a writer and Dialynas’s talent as an artist. Lucy Dreaming #2 presents readers with some new discoveries and a delightful story. Both set up some intriguing possibilities for the future of this miniseries. It will be exciting to see what Bemis and Dialynas do in the follow-up issue to Lucy Dreaming #2.

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