Review – Made Men #1

Made Men #1

Feed My Frankenstein 

I had the pleasure of reading Made Men #1 without knowing a single thing about, I hadn’t read any solicits or any descriptions and what an absolute surprise it was. It was great just reading this story a figuring it out as it goes. At first, I thought I had it all figured out and thought it was going to be a big rip off of The Crow (you will understand after reading), but after some nice twist, I was pleasantly surprised to where the story took me.

Made Men #1 Cover by Arjuna Susini
Made Men #1 Cover by Arjuna Susini

So the basic story of Made Men #1 without any spoilers is that Jutte Shelley is a special ops officer in Detroit, her team is gunned down and savagely killed for some reason we are not aware of. Shelley’s family secret kept her alive, she is a Frankenstein and learned from her grandmother how to “stay alive”. Now with only revenge on her mind, she starts to dig up the past she thought she left behind while she uncovers the secrets of what got her teammate killed.

Paul Tobin does an excellent job of writing and scripting this story, he wonderfully drops the reader into the mix and lets the story flow nicely. Delving vital information when needed, but also leaving the reader wondering and anticipating more information to be delivered about the characters and situations. He throws several twists and turns into the Issue that will keep you on your toes. Jutte Shelley is also a very interesting character as we learn a more about her and I am very interested to learn more about her past. There are several other characters introduced that I am very intrigued about but we will not talk about them right now to avoid some spoilers.


Arjuna Susini on pencils/inks and Gonzalo Duarte on colors really set the mood and tone for this series straight from the beginning. The characters are all visually striking and well designed and the colors give the book a dark, “dingy” feel to it. Made Men #1 starts fast and does not let up, the art team does a wonderful job of “guiding” the reader through the chaos of the first few pages. I enjoy all the little details Susini puts into each character, they really jump off the page; the background detail in each page and panel is also wonderfully done and really helps the reader feel immersed in this world that has been created. That dark and “dingy” color palate is prevalent throughout Made Men #1 giving it a very nice horror vibe to the series.


This was just a great surprise on just how cool this book was and I really wish everyone could have the experience I had reading the first issue of Made Men. Not knowing anything at all about this series really made it a terrific read for me, I thought I had the story figured out and then it would throw a little twist in that would catch me off guard. I also love that final page it is the perfect set up and teaser for the rest of the series. Made Men is superbly done and will have you clamoring for more once you hit the final page.

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