Review – Made Men #2

Made Men #2

Back from the Dead

Jutte Shelley (well now you can call her Jutte Frankenstein) has brought back her elite SWAT team back from the dead. After being set up and ambushed Juette used a secret formula of her grandmothers to keep herself alive. She then had to call in a favor that she never thought she would, but she needs resources and the only man that could make it happen was the not so nice and all around shady guy “Biz”. In order for Biz to help her out, she will have to bring his daughter back from the dead. With her Grandmothers papers and a lab Jutte gets to work resurrecting Biz’z daughter quite successfully, her team well that is a different story. With some of their brains a little too damaged and bodies ravaged by gunfire, coupled with some drinking all Jutte pieces her team back together and sort of brings them back to life (if you can call having a lion’s head back to life!), with the team back together Jutte learns that the ambush on her team may go way deeper than she ever thought and now they are out for revenge in Made Men #2.

Made Men #2 Cover by Arjuna Susini
Made Men #2 Cover by Arjuna Susini

So I really loved Made Men #1, it was a really great story with a fantastic twist and it was paced really well for a first issue. In Made Men #2 I was a little bit let down. I feel there is a fine line in comics and storytelling in general of revealing too much information at once and not delivering enough information for the story. The first issue toed that line perfectly of giving the reader enough information to keep up with the story but not revealing too much at one time. In Made Men #2 I feel the whole issue was a huge information dump, basically, the whole issue is we learn about Jutte’s past, how she created her new team and a little information about who may have set up the ambush. Now it was really cool to see how she “stitched” her team back together and how they are coming to terms with their bodies, those were some really great scenes, but it feels like this whole issue we were just bombarded with information. It was not totally bad, but it just felt really slow paced and a bit of a let down from the first issue.


I still like the grungy, dirty feel that Arjuna Susini pencils and inks along with Gonzalo Duarte’s color scheme give Made Men #2. The art gives a nice horror type vibe to the series and brings out that eerie tone. I do think the panel structure and layout could have been changed up a little to help the pacing of Made Men #2, with a lot of talking and information given some more innovative layouts could have helped. I really like the character designs in the series; everyone has their own uniqueness to them and are easily recognizable on the pages. 


Made Men #2 feels a lot like a “set up” issue, everything was laid out for the series to continue on from here, while that is not a bad thing I believe a lot of information given in this issue could have been played out throughout a couple of issues to avoid a huge information dump and a rather boring issue. Don’t get me wrong I still really like Made Men and still think the concept is fantastic, it is just compared to the first issue I was a little bit disappointed at what Made Men #2 delivered. Hopefully with all this out of the way the series can take off again in issue #3.

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