Review – Made Men #5 (Oni Press)

The Team Can’t “Die Dead Enough” in Made Men #5 

Jutte Frankenstein’s new path in life has led her down a dark path. Once she was one of the “good guys,” a police officer who held the peace. When her elite team is mysteriously gunned down, it opens up her dark past. Digging through her grandmother’s secrets, she brought her team back to “life.” After raising a mob boss’s daughter from the dead, she finds herself on the other side of the law in Made Men #5.

Made Men #5 Cover by Arjuna Susini and Gonzalo DuarteJutte and her team are still searching for who gunned them down. In the last issue, they found that the police chief was “dirty,” but before they could get answers out of him he was killed by a sniper. Luckily for Jutte, she still has an inside man on the police force: Detective Larkin. Larkin and his partner are coming close to finding Jutte’s “killer” in Made Men #5, but he may find out he is the only “good” cop left on the force!


I am torn storywise with Made Men. Firstly, man, I really love the concept. A Frankenstein relative using the science to bring her partners back from the dead and keep herself alive is fantastic. You also have a great cast of characters that are interesting. Made Men also has some fantastic cliffhangers. In the last issue, Frankenstein’s monster shows up on the final page and Made Men #5 has an excellent cliffhanger as well.

The problem is the story feels like it is moving incredibly slow and I feel like we should have a better grasp on the characters by now. Jutte is really the only character I really know and that I get her motivations. The other characters are very interesting, but we hardly get to see them. I wish the story would move at a little quicker pace because it still feels like we are still setting up all the pieces five issues in.


Arjuna Susini’s art continues to be well done in Made Men #5. The more “scratchy” loose styling works well for the story being told in this series. Susini does a great job with character acting in this issue, and the emotions come off the pages to great effect. Susini also uses a 24-panel grid on a few pages and it helps break up the storytelling. Those multiple panels are fantastic and, when Susini uses them sparingly like in this issue, it helps out tremendously.

Gonzalo Duarte’s dark coloring of Made Men sets the tone for the series perfectly. The darker colors give off an almost “Gothic” like feel to the series. There is a fantastic scene in Made Men #5 that has Jutte sitting in a giant chair in her laboratory. It has this moodiness to it that oozes that classic Gothic feel to it.


Every time I say “I am getting tired of Made Men, I am jumping off,” they have a wonderful cliffhanger that keeps me on for one more issue. I still love the overall concept of the series. It just feels like the issues are floundering to really catch hold of the story. Things are happening, but then again nothing really “happens” story wise. Five issues in and I still feel like we aren’t moving past what happens in the second issue. Made Men #5 is a good comic with some pretty art and a story that feels like it could be much more than what it currently is.

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