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Malice by Pintip Dunn
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The Battle to Stop a Malevolent Virus in Malice

Malice is the latest novel to come from the mind of Pintip Dunn. This is a novel that blends together famous dystopian and science fiction themes into one cohesive story. Time travel, viruses, coming of age, finding love, and a quest to save humanity. Those are just some of the themes found within these pages.

Pintip Dunn - Malice 700x1050Thanks to a warning from her older self, Alice knows that somebody in her timeline is going to create a virus. This virus will be so powerful as to wipe out much of humanity, and permanently alter the way we live.

What’s more, the inventor of the virus is somebody that Alice knows. Though her future self isn’t willing to reveal who, as that is part of Alice’s task at hand. She must find this person, identify them, and then she must kill them.



The description of Malice makes it abundantly clear that Alice is one of the few who truly has a chance to save humanity. Though perhaps not for the reasons she would have ever hoped or expected. It’s likely that many readers made assumptions and hopes based on that description – I know I did.

I also know that I was pleasantly surprised by Malice, and that’s saying something since this was a book I was looking forward to. Pintip Dunn wrote an alarmingly complex story here, one full of different elements, characters, and motivations.

It wasn’t at all what I expected, believe it or not. But it was still deeply fascinating. The hunt for the killer in the making is an intense plot to begin with. Throw in time travel, teenage drama, love, and family drama, and you’ve got a novel chock full of details and descriptions.

As with any novel, there are some characters we like more than others. Though I do feel like that was more evident than ever in Malice. There are characters that were so easy to hate (designed that way with intention), and then there were the characters that readers just can’t get enough of. It was an ideal balance, and it really helped to drive the plot forward.



Malice was a fast-paced novel, all things considered. It seemed like every chapter was throwing Alice further and further into insane scenarios or desperate attempts. After all, this is a girl who had humanity’s fate in her hands. So there wasn’t much room for idle time.

What is interesting is how the novel itself kicked off. It was not an introduction I expected, but that made it all the more intriguing. As did the introduction of time travel itself, and everything that went with it.

Dunn took many common themes and elements and then twisted them into something new and different here. It made it next to impossible to predict what was going to happen next, even when all of the pieces were laid out in front of us.

For that reason, Malice was extremely difficult to put down. I found myself compelled to keep picking it up, even when I only had time to read a page or two.  It was one of those novels where you just had to see what was going to happen next. Where I just had to see how Alice was going to save the day (assuming she would).



Malice was an interesting and unexpected read. It’s not every day you get to see a novel with so many themes woven into one tale. Nor is it every day where you can find a novel that is so unpredictable and carefully written.

This novel was certainly an experience to read, and I don’t regret the time invested into it one bit. And I will be very curious to see what else Pintip Dunn will come out with next.




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