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Man Without Fear #5
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Writer: Jed MacKay

Artist: Danilo S. Beyruth

Colorist: Andres Mossa

Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles

Maturity Rating: Teen

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Release: January 30, 2019

Since being on death’s doorstep Matt Murdock has gone through many changes. He has Cast out friends and loves while challenging his enemies. But now Matt Murdock must confront his greatest foe, his fear.


Matt Murdock Embraces the Fear in Man Without Fear #5


The conclusion to the five issues weekly mini-series is here in Man Without Fear #5. We have seen Matt shun his best friend Foggy Nelson in issue #1. He came to terms with all of his past loves and flirts in issue #2. He cast out Daredevil and his superhero lifestyle and friends in issue #3 and in issue #4 came face to face with his greatest enemy the Kingpin. Now in issue #5 Matt Murdock’s body is finally starting to heal, he is becoming stronger each and every day. His body is strong but what about his mind. Will “The Man Without Fear” overcome the one thing that has been challenging? Can Matt Murdock embrace the fear and come out on the other side?


Man Without Fear #5 Cover
Man Without Fear #5 Cover by Kyle Hotz

Jed MacKay has scripted a nice winding tale in this Man Without Fear mini-series. It basically comes down to Matt Murdock being afraid of being Daredevil and if he can embrace that fear or not. We have seen him go through a lot in his recovery process. From being on death’s doorstep to finally get his body rehabilitated. It has been a nice look at the struggle of recovery, not just from a physical standpoint but from the mental aspect as well. MacKay has done a superb job throughout the series conveying Matt’s struggles mentally overcoming this newest obstacle.

That all being said I am not sure I needed a five-issue weekly series about this. I mean I liked Man Without Fear #5 but I am not sure we needed everything else to get to this point. I feel like everything could have been condensed a little more. Even in this issue at some points, I was like “okay I get it, let’s get going”.

I like the main story plot of the issue and we get to the heart of Daredevil. I absolutely adored the ending scene in Man Without Fear #5 as well. It is just that most of it again felt a little unnecessary to get where we needed to.


Danilo S. Beyruth returns in Man Without Fear #5. He brings back his more animated styling that I enjoyed in the first issue. Beyruth does great facial animations and is good at showing a wide range of emotion that helps sell the story being told. There is some great close up shots that excel in Man Without Fear #5. Like a tight panel showing Murdock gripping a balance bar struggling to walk looks fantastic or the shots of his Father Jack Murdock are superbly well done. There are also some panels and pages that do not look so great.

A few panels that have a further out perspective have the characters look almost stick figure-ish. Faces are gone and there is no detail in character or backgrounds. It goes from very detailed shots to hardly any detail at all. That is just kind of visually off-putting going one from the other.

It is a little bit shocking in the transition in panels. I do continue to love the depiction of “fear” in Matt Murdock’s mind in this series. The skeleton figure clad in the original yellow and maroon DD suit is a haunting figure that has worked extremely well throughout the series. The coloring work form Andres Mossa has been fantastic throughout the series. With the change of artist, he has kept a constant flow and theme throughout the issues with his work.


Man Without Fear #5 is a solid conclusion to the weekly mini-series. It got to the heart of what Matt Murdock is going through and brings him to a new starting place. Which is the ultimate goal for this series to give Daredevil a new starting spot for Chip Zdarsky and Marco Chechetto launch of Daredevil #1 in February?  I am not sure that we needed a five-issue weekly series to do all this but that is what we got. All in all Man Without Fear was an okay series. Nothing great, but not terrible either. It does boast some of the greatest Daredevil covers ever, so it does have that going for it!

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