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Marked #1
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Authors: David Hine & Brian Haberlin
Artist: Brian Haberlin
Colorist: Geirrod Van Dyke
Letterer: Francis Takenaga
Publisher: Image Comics
Maturity Rating: M
Release Date: October 16th, 2019

Marked #1 introduces us to a world in which magic is real. Real to those that know how to channel it through their tattoos, at any rate.


Marked #1 Brings Us a World of Magic, Tattoos, and Secrets

Marked #1 is the first issue in a new series from Image Comics. And it is a world full of magic—for those that know how to channel it through their tattoos, at least. It’s a secret closely guarded, given to only those that have the right sight for it. The right knack for it. The Marked have been charged with protecting mankind from dark forces. They work best when they are kept a secret, so that is what they do. They don’t worry about the monsters created by the everyday human—their concern is much larger than that.

Marked #1 introduces us to this world, and this secret society, and all in short order. The issue is an extra-long one, giving readers plenty of time to get a feel for what is to come and what dangers lie ahead.


Marked #1 (Image Comics) cover A by Brian Haberlin
Marked #1 (Image Comics) cover A by Brian Haberlin

Marked #1 had two writers working together to bring us this beautiful world. Perhaps that is why it felt both strange and familiar. David Hine and Brian Haberlin wove together a world made up of alternate history, explaining away some of the worst events in humanity as dark magic tied with human greed. It’s an interesting take and a strong basis for the world. It’s one that will leave readers with plenty of questions, while also providing the series a strong starting point. Speaking of, this series did not waste any time before throwing us into the thick of things.

The writers made a classic move when starting up this issue. We were thrown into an event—a dramatic one that was bound to catch our attention. Then they took us back, walking us through the events that led up to that moment. It’s a clever way of grabbing readers, which is why we see it so frequently.

This first issue took advantage of its extra pages to introduce us to the main characters, the secret society, the system of magic, the world, and the antagonists, all in one fell swoop. You’d think that would result in something overwhelming. But you’d be surprised.


If you’ve seen the cover of Marked #1, then the odds are good that the artwork has already caught your attention. I’d be lying if I said I wanted to pick up this issue for any other reason (though once I read the description I was sold).

Marked #1 has a distinctive look to it. In many ways, it feels more like a series of paintings or tattoos than a collection of panels. And that fits the theme that the plot is trying to introduce to us. This artwork feels like it was done by a tattoo artist, perhaps even by one of the artists in the series itself.

Brian Haberlin was a co-writer for this series, but he was also the lead artist for this issue. Perhaps that is why everything matches up so well. Geirrod Van Dyke was the colorist for this issue, and Francis Takenaga provided the lettering.


Marked #1 was a dynamic and interesting introduction to this strange world. It was surely enough to catch many a reader’s attention. I know it caught mine. Only time will tell how far our characters can go—or how far the antagonists will chase them.

This one issue alone boasted some absolutely beautiful artwork, and that will surely make for a memorable series. I’m personally looking forward to what they’ll show us next.

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