Review – Marvel Action: Avengers #5 (IDW Publishing)

Marvel Action: Avengers #5
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Writer: Matthew K. Manning
Artist: Jon Sommariva
Additional Inks: Sean Parsons & Jimmy Reyes
Colorist: Protobunker
Letterer: Christa Miesner
Maturity Rating: Everyone
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Release Date: June 5, 2019

Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, and Thor are trapped by Count Nefaria and the other Avengers are on the ropes now that he has control of the Ruby Egress.

Trapped by Count Nefaria in Marvel Action: Avengers #5

Things are not looking so good for our heroes in Marvel Action: Avengers #5. Captain Marvel, Thor, and Doctor Strange have been trapped inside the Ruby Egress. Count Nefaria has successfully taken out three of the Avengers’ heaviest hitters. Now the other Avengers must stop him from obtaining the Whetstone and becoming all powerful! Can Thor, Captain Marvel, and Doctor Strange find a way to escape this strange world inside the Ruby Egress? Is the combined might of Black Panther, Captain America, Black Widow and Iron Man enough to stop Count Nefaria with the power of the Ruby Egress on his side?


Marvel Action Avengers #5 (IDW Publishing) cover by Jon Sommariva
Marvel Action: Avengers #5 (IDW Publishing) cover by Jon Sommariva

Matthew K. Manning knows how to script an all-ages book. It is simple enough for kids to enjoy but he also throws in some nice details and plots for adults to enjoy as well. Marvel Action: Avengers #5 is a lot of fun to read. Manning has a great handle on all the characters and explores different character traits in the issue. 

Manning also paces the issue well, building up tension and setting up things for the next issue. I like the inclusion of Doctor Strange; that the team was dealing with a mystical villain in Count Nefaria and they called on the Sorcerer Supreme. Those were always some of my favorite stories growing up: the team facing a new villain and having to call on a “specialty” hero to help. Manning plays with that trope well and it is just fun to see Dr. Strange in this Marvel Action world.


Jon Sommariva (with ink assist by Sean Parsons & Jimmy Reyes) continues to deliver some spectacular visuals in Marvel Action: Avengers #5. He has an incredibly dynamic and animated style that fits the series perfectly. He makes the series feel exactly like an animated cartoon in comic book form. I love to see his interpretations of different characters from the Marvel Universe. He tweaks the costumes and looks just enough to be like their movie/comic book counterparts, but still makes them unique to the Marvel Action line.

Sommariva excels at facial expressions throughout Marvel Action: Avengers #5. His animated style truly shines as the characters go through different emotions throughout the issue. One sequence in particular, when Count Nefaria is using the Ruby Egress, Sommariva gives him a truly frightening expression that is overall an excellent piece of work. The coloring by Protobunker also fits the book extremely well. It has that nice mix of brightness and dark that fits the animated stylings.


As I noted in my review of the first issue, this Marvel Action line is great for kids as well as adults. I really love that this is something that you could give to a kid who loves the MCU movies. It has all the main heroes and is easy to follow along. But it also isn’t “dumb”, nor talks down to them. It is just a straight-up fun comic book. I mean, you couldn’t hand a kid coming out of an MCU movie the ongoing Avengers series from Marvel, but you could definitely hand them this and they could enjoy it.

A lot of people probably look over the Marvel Action line due to the All-Ages tag, and they are missing out! The story is tons of fun and the artwork is really great. If you have younger kids that dig superheroes this is definitely a series you should check out, that you and a younger reader can both enjoy together! 

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