Review – Marvel Action: Chillers #1 (IDW Publishing)

Marvel Action: Chillers #1 (IDW Publishing) cover (detail) by Sweeney Boo
  • Writing - 7/10
  • Art - 8/10
  • Overall - 7.5/10

Marvel Action: Chillers #1

Writer: Jeremy Whitley
Layout Artist: Seth Smith (pages 4-17)
Artist: Gretel Lusky (pages 1-3, 18-19), Derek Charm (pages 4-17)
Colorist: Derek Charm (pages 4-17), Nahuel Ruiz (pages 1-3, 18-19)
Letterer: Valeria Lopez
Maturity Rating: Not Rated
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Release Date: November 11, 2020

Marvel Action: Chillers #1 is the first of four stories focused on several heroes in the Marvel universe—and the new horrors they are about to come across.

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A Surprising Team-Up in Marvel Action: Chillers #1

Marvel Action: Chillers #1 is the start of another miniseries from IDW and Marvel Comics. Three heroes are about to grace the pages of this series, and with them comes a most surprising team-up. Though it is, perhaps, one that fans will be interested in seeing.

Marvel Action: Chillers #1 (IDW Publishing) cover by Sweeney Boo
Marvel Action: Chillers #1 (IDW Publishing) cover by Sweeney Boo

Marvel Action: Chillers will be telling four chilling (pun intended) tales over the course of a few weeks. The series has already promised to include heroes like Captain America, Doctor Strange, Ironheart, and Iron Man. It’s going to be fun seeing how these heroes interact, and what sort of adventure would snag the lot of them.


Marvel Action: Chillers #1 was written by Jeremy Whitley, as are the rest of the stories in this collection. The stories inside are clearly meant to be mildly horrifying (especially for a younger audience)…while still having a bit of fun, of course.

There’s a lot to appreciate about the introduction to this series. The inclusion of key personality traits is a given. Whitley perfectly portrayed at least three heroes within this issue, and they all shine true. Riri is confident and sassy, Tony overconfident and capable, and Strange is all dry wit and sardonic commentary.

It makes for an ideal setting for what is to follow—where all the tech that Tony and Riri carry clashes dramatically with the magic of Strange’s world. It’s always interesting to see how those interact, and Whitley’s imagination was up for creating something a bit new here.

This issue raises many questions, which almost felt like a surprise. The four stories are starting to feel less distinct than the description would have led me to believe. Instead, they are all very likely connected in some shape or form. I personally can’t wait to see how.


The artistic team on board for Marvel Action: Chillers #1 is an impressive one. This isn’t, in itself, surprising. If you’ve read any other Marvel Action series, then you’re already going to have a solid idea of the general style of this series.

Seth Smith was the layout artist involved (pgs 4-17). Meanwhile, Gretel Lusky provided the artwork for pages 1-3 and 18-19. Derek Charm stepped up to provide both art and colors for pages 4-17. Nahuel Ruiz also provided some of the coloring, for pages1-3, and18-19. Finally, Valeria Lopez was in charge of the lettering for the entire issue.

That’s a bit of a mouthful, I know. But the end result made it worth it. Likewise, there are some intentional design and style changes between certain pages—all of which match the story being told to perfection.

The colors are rich and add a sense of weight to the world itself. They bring the depth and textures into full focus. It’s an important detail for this series, and the characters themselves.


Marvel Action: Chillers #1 was a strong and fun start to a new and surprising series. It’s already having a bit of fun putting beloved Marvel characters out of their comfort zone. As a fan of each of those characters, I’m all sorts of here for that drama, as well as the inevitable results of it.

Regardless of how the characters themselves react, this series is going to be worth keeping an eye on. Especially if you’re looking for something strange, yet diverting.

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