Review – Marvel Action: Chillers #2 (IDW Publishing)

Marvel Action: Chillers #2 (IDW Publishing) cover (detail) by Gretel Lusky and Bill Underwood
  • Writing - 8/10
  • Art - 8/10
  • Overall - 8/10

Marvel Action: Chillers #2

Writer: Jeremy Whitley
Artists: Gretel Lusky (1-3, 18-20), Bill Underwood (4-17)
Colorists: Nahuel Ruiz (1-3, 18-20), Heather Breckel (4-17)
Letterer: Valeria Lopez
Maturity Rating: Not Rated
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Release Date: November 25th, 2020

Marvel Action: Chillers #2 dives right back into this thrilling tale, adding one new hero to the mix, while the others venture onward.

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Mystery and Monsters Abound in Marvel Action: Chillers #2

Marvel Action: Chillers #2 brings us officially to the halfway mark of this series, leaving us with only two more adventures. On the bright side, it is a series that has brought about several surprise team-ups, as more heroes come into the fray.

Marvel Action: Chillers #2 (IDW Publishing) cover by Gretel Lusky and Bill Underwood
Marvel Action: Chillers #2 (IDW Publishing) cover by Gretel Lusky and Bill Underwood

This four-part miniseries is set to tell four chilling Marvel tales, bringing in as many heroes, if not more. So far, we’ve seen Ironheart, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and Captain America. And now, one more surprise (hint: she’s portrayed on both covers for this issue) is heading our way.

If you’re looking for something casual. Something with just a hint of spook, while still being set in the Marvel world, then this is a good series to check out. It’s light and fun, and isn’t afraid to do something different with the characters that we know so well.


Marvel Action: Chillers #2 was written by Jeremy Whitley. It is a fun, albeit unusual, jaunt for these beloved characters. I already named most of those involved up above, all of whom I had been expecting. Up until very recently, I had absolutely no clue that there was at least one more hero on board for this series. Personally, I couldn’t be more excited about her inclusion, and yes, I am intentionally dancing around naming her. 

Needless to say, I’m head over heels about the choice. She’s a perfect addition to this chilling tale, and the twists surrounding her presence have made the tale all the more thrilling. Okay, she also brought a fair bit of humor as well, as her character is wont to do.

The character interactions Whitley portrayed are a huge draw. At least, they are for me. This is highly entertaining, to see these unlikely pairings and how they react so differently to the same situations. In a way, it’s actually endearing, in a superhero-kicking-butt way.

It’s almost sad thinking about this series ending in just a couple more issues. At least we know that there’s more fun and chaos in store before it all comes to an end. And this is Marvel Action we’re talking about; the characters and their stories will continue on, just in different ways.


Marvel Action: Chillers #2 is as full of bold artwork as it is plot, which is saying something. Our beloved heroes are portrayed with vibrant colors and styles. It makes them pop out against the darker setting (both literally and figuratively).

Gretel Lusky and Bill Underwood are the lead artists for this issue, bringing the characters we love to life, but with a few twists. I’ve already hinted at one big twist involving a favorite character, and a lot of that leaned on the artwork and design. She looks fantastic, though still as competent (and sassy) as ever.

Meanwhile, Nahuel Ruiz and Heather Breckel were responsible for the colors of this issue. They struck a perfect balance here. There’s the vibrancy known to hero comics, naturally. There’s also a color palette perfect for spooky tales. The two fuse with surprising ease.

Finally, Valeria Lopez was the letterer for this issue, and their work is worth checking out. They brought this tale to life, as well as many vital details that enhance the tale and impact.


Marvel Action: Chillers #2 continues a fun and adventurous miniseries, one that is absolutely worth checking out. Especially if you want to see some seriously unique pairings, combined with a different sort of plot for these heroes to deal with. All of these elements have worked together to create something that is fun for Marvel fans of all ages, while still being memorable and totally unparalleled.

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