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Marvel Action Chillers #3 Feature
  • Writing - 8/10
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Marvel Action: Chillers #3

Writer: Jeremy Whitley
Artist: Gretel Lusky, Bowen McCurdy
Colorist: Nahuel Ruiz
Letterer: Valeria Lopez
Publisher: IDW
Released: December 9th, 2020
Maturity Rating: Not Rated

Two more heroes are about to enter the fray in Marvel Action: Chillers #3, all while the rest fight to find a resolution.

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More Heroes Enter the Fray in Marvel Action: Chillers #3


Marvel Action: Chillers #3 is about to bring more heroes into the fray, as this chilling (and fun) tale continues. This is the second to last issue of the series, but at least it has been a fun ride up until this point.

So far, fans have had a chance to see a new take on several different heroes. Iron Man, Ironheart, Doctor Strange, Captain America, and Elsa Bloodstone have all had an opportunity to grace these pages. Now it’s time for two more heroes to arrive on the scene.

This series is perfect for Marvel fans looking for something light and casual. Despite the spooky themes, it would make for a great series for any age range. Best of all, the series shows different sides of the heroes we know so well.


Marvel Action Chillers #3
Marvel Action Chillers #3 (IDW) Jeremy Whitley (Author) Bowen McCurdy (Artist) Gretel Lusky (Artist, Cover Artist) Nahuel Ruiz (Colorist)

Jeremy Whitley continues his run in Marvel Action: Chillers #3. The whole series has been a blast right from the start. It makes great use of the characters we know and love, all while trying to bring about something totally different.

If you’ve read any of the other Marvel Action series, you probably have a better idea of the tone of this series. It’s spooky, but it’s also a bit more casual. Perfect for fans new and old – both in reading experience, and in age.

Riri and Doctor Strange are still taking up half the focus of this series, as they seem to be the ones most aware of what is going on (that’s Doctor Strange for you). All while presenting the perfect excuse to introduce to totally different heroes (both featured on the cover).

Their appearance is admittedly a bit surprising, but not in a negative way. If anything, their personalities are perfect for this series. It almost makes me wish that we had seen them earlier. Not that I’m complaining!

There’s only one issue left to wrap up this spooky mystery. While I have a couple of theories about what is going to happen, I’m sure that it won’t hold up compared to what Whitley has written. Hence, I’m eagerly looking forward to reading it.


The artwork inside Marvel Action: Chillers #3 is every bit as fun and endearing as the writing itself. The art is bold, and could easily stand out on a rack full of Marvel comics. The bright colors and character designs certainly don’t hurt at all.

Gretel Lusky and Bowen McCurdy were the lead artists for this issue, and you can tell that they had a lot of fun portraying the characters on the pages. Here we have four heroes (plus one bonus character), their iconic looks, and the enemy they’re all facing off against.

Nahuel Ruiz‘s colors bring the drawings to life, making them feel vibrant and alive. The colors are bold here, as they should be. Lots of bright colors for the costumes, as well as for the spookier elements as well.

Valeria Lopez‘s letters are the final touch needed to bring this whole issue together. There’s no denying the impact of a fight, or just how creepy the notes left behind are getting.


Marvel Action: Chillers #3 was another delightful addition to this series, and I personally can’t wait to see what happens next. Even if that means the series will come to a conclusion when that happens. This quirky series has been unique and really does fit in nicely with the rest of the Marvel Action universe.


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