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Marvel Comics Presents #4
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  • Art - 9.3/10
  • Overall - 9.4/10
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Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Juan Ferreyra
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: April 24, 2019

For this review, we are focusing on the short story entitled “The Book of Dreams” that is found in Marvel Comics Presents #4, featuring the one and only Moon Knight.

“Dream Weaver” Marvel Comics Presents #4

Marvel Comics Presents has been showing us three different short stories. The first part has been a Wolverine story by Charles Soule with pencils by Paulo Siqueira, inks Oren Junior, and colors Frank D’Armata; this presents part 4 of that ongoing Wolverine tale. Next chapter is a section entitled “Marvel Age” in which Marvel characters are put into real-world events. In this short story, Spider-Man sees the very first Star Wars in the ’70s; written by Daniel Kibblesmith, art by Pere Perez and colors by Rachelle Rosenberg. The last short story is the one this review will be focusing on; Moon Knight stars in a Marvel Spotlight tale entitled “The Book of Dreams”. Note: the Ratings are for the Moon Knight short story only.


Marvel Comics Presents #4 (Marvel Comics) cover by Arthur Adams
Marvel Comics Presents #4 (Marvel Comics) cover by Arthur Adams

Benjamin Percy scripts this wonderful little Moon Knight short story. I absolutely adored everything about this. I am a big Moon Knight fan and the last ongoing series was kind of a mess. It was good at the beginning, then by the end it was, in my opinion, just a total mess storywise. With the Jeff Lemire run and with Max Bemis’s follow-up run we had like two or three years of stories focusing on Moon Knight’s mental health issues. Jeff Lemire’s run was great (plus you can’t hate on some Greg Smallwood art). Then Bemis tried to do a long-run story focusing on Marc’s mental health issues and it just wasn’t good. Luckily Percy gets to the “meat” of good storytelling for this short story.

I always enjoy a good short story. If done right, we get a satisfying beginning, middle, and end. Percy does an incredible job with this. It is a simple setup. Some murders are happening with a strange Egyptian hieroglyphic eye carved into victims’ heads. Marc Spector looks to solve the case. The storytelling is wonderfully tight and to the point. Percy waste no lines, scenes or pages. Everything is just wonderfully etched out story wise. You really don’t even have to know anything about Moon Knight to really enjoy it either. Great set up and satisfying ending.

Percy crafts this nice tone storywise. It is like a supernatural, noir type tale. It just has this tone that is a little campy, a little eerie and just the right touch of seriousness. The script also has a nice “beat” to it. The story just flows from page to page nicely, and being only 10 pages long, he does everything almost perfectly story wise.


Oh my, the art from Juan Ferreyra is tremendously well done and suites the dark, almost noir feel of the story. Ferreyra’s style almost reminds of a combination of Greg Smallwood and Francesco Francavilla. His lines are tight and then, he adds some nice etching and marks throughout the issue, bringing some delightful detail to characters and settings. The colors have an almost “chalky” paint-like feel to them bringing this oddly eerie tone to the short story.

The Mr. Knight white suit costume continues to look great and Ferreyra captures its simple elegance well. Ferreyra does some superb sequential storytelling and action set pieces at the end of the issue. He frames all the scenes from above. Basically, he cuts the top of the building so we can see inside as Moon Knight moves through it. Just some tremendous sequential work going on in the scenes. From the way, the panels are framed and adjusted to the movement shown. All around just spectacular artwork.


Man, if these creators want to keep doing Moon Knight short stories like this I am all for it! It just bleeds all sorts of noir coolness, from Percy’s inner dialogue for Marc Spector to the fact that he drives a white Cadillac with “moon” license plate. The story focuses on other aspects of Marc’s character and not solely on his mental illness, which is a breath of fresh air for the character. It is just a superbly well done short story, and honestly, the other stories in Marvel Comics Presents #4 are fine but for a Moon Knight fan this is well worth the $4.99. 

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